Are digital skills the new get-rich-quick scheme?

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The tech industry has highly desirable careers in the 21st century. Such careers are filled with great benefits and perks that most jobs in other sectors might not offer.

However, due to its increasing popularity, many people are transitioning into the tech space with one obvious motive, to earn in foreign currency. A lot of people now see this industry as a get-rich-quick road, and only get into it because of the high salary expectancy and other breathtaking perks.

Unfortunately, this ideology has led tech newbies to a confusing career path, misused opportunities, and ultimately not having the best learning experience possible. To succeed in the tech industry it is important for you to understand the why behind what you do and start your career with the right mindset.

Getting a high-paying tech job these days isn’t such a simple thing as such. You will be required to demonstrate your creative skills and competence. As you kickstart a career, It is essential to have a strong commitment and determination. These will help you through the tough times especially when trying to build something from scratch. If you’re in the industry just for the money, it may be daunting to get through the tough times on your way to the peak of your career.

Building a Successful Tech Career

Every day, people are enrolling in tech courses that’d help them quickly transition into tech, and organizations are gradually automating most of their processes using technology.

As a tech newbie, getting hired by these organizations will require you to develop relevant skillsets to help you succeed. There are several ways to achieve a successful tech career, including boot camps, certification programs, and job shadowing. Here are some personal recommendations for advancing your career in technology.

Define a Career Path

Technology is a rapidly advancing industry. To thrive in it, you need to keep a pulse on what’s happening in the very diverse field. You can’t just decide to work in tech without understanding the different roles in the industry. In addition, there are non-technical roles such as Digital marketing, UI/UX design, Technical writer, Marketing Manager, Content Manager, Business Analyst, and Social Media Manager.

These roles are exciting and financially rewarding, but each is unique. Therefore, it’s critical to understand what each role entails before settling on a certain field.



Once you know the path you’re taking in your career, it’s essential to prepare yourself. Take courses in that field, and try to upscale your skills. You can only access big opportunities in the industry if you’re equipped with the right skills.

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Get a Mentor

Getting a mentor is not compulsory, but when you do, you will quickly learn how to work in the industry and overcome all challenges. You will also learn practical skills that you may not find in books or videos. A mentor is a big part of your success and development in the industry. Identify someone with extensive experience who is willing to guide you and help you get to your desired peak.

Collaborate and Share Your Portfolio

It’s very important to be bold and daring in this industry. Don’t be afraid of failure or rejection in whatever you do. Try to participate in hackathons, competitions, or volunteering. Collaborate and share knowledge with others because it is one strategic way of building a network.

The tech industry is extremely fast-moving, and it’s easy to get left behind if you don’t keep track of the latest developments. So keep yourself up to date and contribute to the tech community. In addition, your collaborations on projects with other people will improve your portfolio and help you access more opportunities.

Final Note

The tech industry is booming in the 21st century, with many people making a career in it due to its profitability and convenience. However, being a tech professional requires that you possess adequate knowledge about various technologies, rich technical skills, and many other relevant soft skills. Your enthusiasm for the job will propel you to notice the simplest of problems and find the solutions which will eventually pay off handsomely.

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