Graduate Trainee 101

Graduate trainee is a nonspecific term for any employee with a higher degree in finance, management, human resources, social or other service, who is furthering his/her knowledge and experience through a formal programme of education. Graduate Trainee responsibilities include shadowing various staff members, participating in learning experiences, attending meetings and workshops, and traveling to other … Continue reading Graduate Trainee 101

Employee Training 101

What is a manager’s job? Is it to provide direction for employees to be productive and effective, or are they responsible for something more? Great managers also engage in the fundamental task of developing talent within the business. A survey conducted by BreatheHR found that nearly half of UK subject matter experts (SMEs) neglect staff development, with almost … Continue reading Employee Training 101

8 tips for answering job interview questions

1. Tell us about yourself? The interviewer is not interested in hearing stories; they simply expect to know your academic and professional achievements, your name and the institution you currently work for. Take a minutes to introduce yourself, and state your recent academic qualification, including any relevant experience. 2. Why do you think you are … Continue reading 8 tips for answering job interview questions

Sample Letter of Recommendation for admissions 2

19/11/2017 RE: Letter of Recommendation for Irobiko Chimezie Kingsley To Whom It May Concern: I am immeasurably pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Irobiko Chimezie Kingsley, who is seeking admission for career advancement in reputable universities where his skills and field experience will be refined and exploited for individual and organizational growth. As … Continue reading Sample Letter of Recommendation for admissions 2