Angelababy named Tag Heuer’s new Ambassador following Dior’s Appointment in May

Angelababy has been named an Ambassador to popular watch maker Tag Heuer despite recent criticisms which greeted the singer’s affiliation to Dior.

Prior to her new global ambassador status with the watch brand, Angelababy [full names Angela Yeung Wing] was named Dior’s China Ambassador earlier in May.

Image: Angelababy

The 28-year-old is also known as Yang Ying.

Tag Heuer said in an official statement that Angelababy was nominated for the position because she is “an outstanding beauty.” The official social media post also described her as “incredibly chic,” adding that she has “a charming personality.”

For the love of Dior, her appointment with the luxury goods company brought excitement to her numerous fan.

However, a critic with the username William Sabixi on Weibo wrote: “Shocking! Why did Dior decide to destroy its high-end public image?”

“Does Dior really believe Angelababy can boost its sales? The brand should really do more market research when making decisions like this one,” another commenter named BETTERemma wrote.

“It’s time for me to say goodbye to the brand that I’ve loved for more than 10 years,” said one commenter.

The “good” news from Dior was celebrated and shared over 750,000 times on China’s most popular social media website Weibo — surpassing a previous 50,000 max record.

Image: Angelababy

In her Youku video, Angela also expressed love for Dior.

Tag Heuer said in its recent statement that the Asian beauty “performs well under pressure.” She was given a warm reception as part of the big family.

Her recent commitment to the watchmaker received wide acceptance from many internet users, contrary to the mixed feelings most Chinese people felt with Dior due to its alleged radical perspective in feminism.

Dubbed ‘China’s Kim Kardashian,’ the beautiful actress reportedly spent a whooping $31m dollars on her wedding, and instantly aroused hate from disgruntled social media users who claimed the real Kim didn’t enjoy such luxuries when she said “I do” to famous rapper Kanye West.

Forbes reported that Kimye splashed $13m for their wedding which entertained only 2,000 guests.

Angelababy is loved by many, yet hated by more due to the plastic surgery rumors surrounding her pretty face and enviable body shape. Her relationship with the Parisian fashion house brought so much pain to those who see her as a “fake beauty.”

Dior has worked closely with another Chinese address Liu Yifei in the past, which has aroused the curiosity among Chinese people why Liu was not chosen as the brand's ambassador.

Media reports confirmed in 2012 that a China-based beauty clinic Ruili made claims in one of its publications saying that Yang Ying’s charming looks were a result of cosmetic surgery.

The news went viral, forcing her to sue for defamation, but the legal battle lingered a few years until a hospital director in Beijing carried out an official public examination on her face.

Results from the test showed her looks were authentic.

A BBC report at that time quoted the surgeon as saying that “Baby’s entire head and facial bones do not have any signs of incisions.”

Here are some beautiful pictures from Angelababy:

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