Louis Koo reveals his biggest challenge on the set of his new movie ‘Warriors Of Future’

Famous Hong Kong actor Louis Koo has revealed that the heavy armor he was required to wear as costume for his latest movie ‘Warriors of Future,’ posed the greatest challenge in his acting career.

The 46-year-old featured with fellow actor Sean Lau in the movie which was recently concluded in mainland China.

Image: Koo Louis

Louis said the experience was hard to deal with, considering that they had to pace around in the robot suits whether filming indoors or out in the scorching heat.

In his words: “On the surface, it weighs over 30 pounds. But after putting it on, and if you added the sweat, it’s almost 40 pounds!”

In his confessional statement, the pressure from that costume was very hard to the chest, and could have had him suffocated at a point.

“When you’re indoors with very little air, it’s hard to breathe. I often had to drink cold water to cool down,” Louis added.

He revealed that both of them were unable to act in the heavy armor for a long time. Despite the efforts from his partner who tried to wear it much longer, they were totally defeated.

“Sean and I would often feel the pain in our shoulders and neck. It really is too much,” he added.

The handsome actor started his acting career after featuring in a TV series (TVB) where he won the Best Actor Award in 1999 and again in 2001.

As one of the big names in Hong Kong’s film industry, Koo was named the Ambassador of Hong Kong International Film Festival (2014 – 2017).

He has a total of 14 films to his credit as a producer.

Image: Koo Louis

Majority of his numerous fans come from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South-East Asia.

His father was an actor although he later left the industry for an adventure in business.

“Warriors of Future” is one of about seven movies which Louis is currently working on. The sci-fi movie is undergoing post-production touches and will be released in 2019. It cost an estimated total of $45 million.