Advice for students traveling abroad

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Hello everyone,

If you are resuming school this Spring, Please give yourself a minimum of 2 weeks head start and arrive in the US on time before class starts. You have a whole lot to put in place before your class starts. You want to settle down, get accommodation before you start hustling school matters. Its really a whole lot especially getting accommodation, no be beans. You could spend up to a month getting a suitable accommodation.

Also come with malaria drugs or treat malaria before coming, come with thick winter jackets and warm clothes cos it is getting really cold. Come with flu medications too, medicine is very expensive in the US if you do not have insurance and even if you do, your insurance may not cover it.

If you are coming with kids, please and please, bring antibiotics. I had to pay $20 for flu antibiotics for my daughter and i have insurance o. Come with cough syrup, nasal drops, and flu medications for you and them. As soon as you arrive, let them go and get vaccinated cos there are some vaccinations that are required in the US but we do not take them in Nigeria. It is even a requirement for school enrollment but you want them protected.

Bring clothes too not just food cos the food will finish las las but your clothes will remain. Warm clothing and most especially sneakers. Don’t bring office shoes or just 2 pair cos you will mostly wear boots and sneakers because of cold. Buy thick socks because socks are expensive here compared to Nigeria.

For those of us traveling this spring. Don’t help anyone to deliver any load. Don’t help anyone hold anything at the airport. A baby is crying don’t act as a Good Samaritan to help as you don’t know why the baby is crying. Mind your business in the airport and flight and be more of I don’t care till you get to your destinations. God no go shame us. Best wishes to us all.