ADELE: The Wealthiest Ever British Female Musician.

Adele came 30th in a list topped by Sir Paul McCartney, with a personal fortune of £760 million.

The annual Sunday Times Rich List has revealed Adele to be the wealthiest ever British female musician.

A full list of the publication will be released this coming weekend. From the available list of the fifty richest musical millionaires in Britain and Ireland released today, Thursday (April 21st), the ‘Hello’ singer’s personal wealth got an estimated £85 million. This amount is an increase of £35 million from her total worth in 2015. Adele ranks 30th in the list.

Ed-Sheeran got 49th position with a £45 million net value, she’s one of just two musicians under the age of 30 on the list.

Th overall list is full of veteran rock artistes and topped by Sir Paul McCartney with an estimated fortune of £760 million.

Adele’s position and net worth could have been more than what it is. Her third album 25 was released at the end of 2015 but unlike Kanye West, she didn’t make it available for online streaming. Fans were able to buy only physical or digital copies of it.

Though general sales of the album was huge considering more than 15 million copies sold across the globe so far, the proceeds could have been higher. The Tottenham-born singer is in the middle of a lucrative tour. She also won four awards at the 2016 BRITS Award.

The brain trust behind the rich list reckon her wealth is only going to go up from this point. “Adele is only 27 so I would see her getting in the main list of the richest 1,000 in a couple of years – she is only £15 to £20m away now,” said the publication’s editor Ian Coxon.

In truth, as explained by Ian Coxon, the domination of the list by older musicians is because they have continued to perform live in their old age and still making new music, while taking advantage of back catalogue sales at the same time.

For instance, the combined wealth of the Rolling Stones is placed at £630 million.