Paul Gascoigne Reveals He “Died” In Rehab.

Famously remembered with the name ‘Gazza’, the former England footballer Paul Gascoigne was hosted on ‘Good Morning Britain’ yesterday April 20.

He talked about his ongoing treatment for alcohol addiction which has received attention from the media over the years. In the course of the show, the ex-England player revealed that he died briefly while in rehab.

His life was saved by a team of doctors watching over him.

The ITV’s hosts – Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan – on ‘Good Morning Britain’ got Gascoigne talking about how he battled his demons. He remembered a scary and near-fatal incident that took place during his treatment at a rehabilitation facility in the past.

The famous midfielder said: “I’m doing alright.

“You mention the rehabs there. I’ve been in for Red Bull, for Calpol, I’ve been in for no reason sometimes you know. I’ve only been in rehab seriously three times for the drink.

“Last time was three years ago in that was in Cottonwood where I passed away apparently… …I thought that would be enough. Some people get it quite early and get the addiction in hand, sometimes fear a bit.”

Gascoigne has recently got fans from his former clubs (Spurs, Newcastle and Lazio) worried over his condition when his photos showed up on newspapers. He was holding a bottle of booze and had wounds on his face. That was the beginning of his most recent relapse after 11 months.

Paul Gascoigne whose name has been on the lips of football lovers all over the world after his many years of exploits with the round leather object, have sadly, had to battle alcohol addiction since 1998.

His problem with alcoholism started even while he was still playing active football.

He confessed: “When I’m actually in it I don’t realize how bad I actually am.

“In Bournemouth where I live, I’m not allowed to get on with it. Get followed all the time.”

Gascoigne is very grateful to all who rendered help to him in one way or the other. He is also trying to give back a little to the society in appreciation.

In his words: “The Providence Projects… the support I get from them is fantastic and sometimes I feel embarrassed getting the support because there’s people who aren’t fortunate that live on the streets with my illness and they don’t really get the support, so sometimes to help myself I go and help another person. Every day I try and do three good deeds, if it’s giving someone a fiver, a pack of cigarettes you know – even a little sandwich.”

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