A Mattress for Cheating Spouses

A Spanish company is making history with its effort to bring sanity and self-control in marriages.

This company has created a hi-tech mattress which can be connected to the internet to record anything that comes in contact with it. This implies that the mattress can record shapes (body shapes) and sounds once there are movements or weight on the bed.

Two people pose on the “Smarttress” mattress. 

It is intended to catch unfaithful partners who play games in their matrimonial homes. The mattress has been substituted as a “Smarttress”. It could be your for only £1200.

The manufacturer explained that the product looks like any other mattress but the difference is that it has concealed sensors that can detect movements, sounds and shapes. Once there’s signal, it sends the information to the receiver’s mobile phone.

Now couples don’t need to be worried about their partners.

The slogan used by the maker Durmer says, “If your partner isn’t faithful, then at least your mattress will be.”

However, with the news of the wonderful product already out for the general public, an unfaithful partner won’t have to be very smart to avoid the bed.

The Telegraph said: “With surveys suggesting that Spaniards are among the most unfaithful lovers in the world,  company spokesman José Antonio Muiño said the Smarttress had a public service to fulfill. The latest figures from extramarital affairs website Ashley Madison put the number of subscribers in Spain at over a million, with men having an average of 2.4 secret affairs each year, compared with 1.3 for women.

“Seeing the latest research on infidelity in Spain and considering that 94 per cent of Spaniards’ preferred place for love-making was in their own home, we thought we could give peace of mind to men and women, not only at night, but also during the day when they have to go out to work,” he said.

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