When the Hunter is Haunted

A buffalo was cornered by a pride of lions and couldn’t escape death but at least, another courageous buffalo overlooking the pain and agony decided to get a bloody revenge from the flesh eaters.

The dramatic fight was captured by a Brazilian photographer Mariangela Matarazzo Lee, 54. He was on safari with his family and friends at the Mala Mala Game Reserve in South Africa.

In his words: “When we arrived there were 12 young lions of the same pride that had knocked down a bull and were trying to kill it.”

The loyal buffalo decided to jump into the fight against the predators while dozens of other buffaloes watched events unfold.

As expected, the lions didn’t waste time in trying to make an additional meal out of it so they attacked.

Matarazzo explained: “The buffalo came rushing towards the lions and one of the males tried to tackle the buffalo.

“That was when it got hooked on the horn and was swung by the buffalo several times until he was tossed away and landed terribly on the floor.”

“When we thought it was all over two huge male adult lions arrived with two females from another pride roaring a lot.

“All the young ones fled and the injured buffalo stood up trying to escape but he was hurt really bad and very tired.”

Sadly, the two male lions watched the buffalo grow weaker and weaker. They surrounded it – one in front and the other at the back. In a timed attacked, the lion at the back jumped on the buffalo and that was the last breath it drew.

If only there were another one or two buffaloes with the same courage, wouldn’t they have won the fight?

The rest lived to fight or die another day.