A British model investigated for ISIS links

Kimberly Miners, a British glamour model, has been arrested by police on an alleged involvement with ISIS. The 27-year-old model was previously warned to desist from any communication with the terror group after British secret service MI5 suspected she was serving the group as a recruiter.

Image: Kimberly Miners

Miners was arrested by the police for interrogations after pictures which showed her in burka, was released online.

The star who shot to limelight after posing topless for The Sun, was taken in for questioning on Friday.

Policemen from the North East Counter Terrorism Unit carried out the arrest, reports confirm.

According to reports from local news sources, the model is known by her new names Aisha Lauren al-Britaniya following her conversion to Islam after her father died in 2010. She has been wearing conservative Muslim clothes since then.

She once said: “I’ve gone from glamour model to something completely different. But that again makes me wonder.

“You don’t get shit for wearing nowt, but the second you start wearing [Islamic attire] you get accused [of extremism] and stuff.”


Photos of a woman, presumed to be Ms Miners, were posted to one account showing her in a full veil which covers her eyes. 

Miners allegedly used Facebook to communicate with someone who’s believed to be an ISIS recruiter in Syria. She had regular conversations with him.

According to The Independent, police in UK accessed some social media accounts thought to be used by Ms Miners. The profiles showed she has links to suspected extremists.

The suspect also shared numerous videos depicting scenes of war and bombings, including a video of children being trained by an ISIS militant. A group of child soldiers were seen in one of the video clips, performing boxing drills and holding weapons.

Among the things that led to her arrest were regular Facebook posts of women brandishing weapons and — by her own admission — “a lot of bombs and stuff.”

Miners has twice visited Turkey for unknown reasons, which doesn’t seem to help her case.

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