Buhari’s administration will be responsible for Sheikh Zakzaky and more

A representative of his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky recently spoke with the press in Jos, saying Buhari’s government will take responsibility for the life of their leader’s life as well as those of his followers.

Image: Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky

The rep also added that they cannot be deceived with Boko Haram, AhlulBayt News Agency reported.

Sheikh Adamu Tsoho made the declaration last week during a lecture on Ashura session which took place at the movement’s teaching center in Jos. “Whatever happens on our leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky or his followers wherever in this country, none is responsible to save Buhari’s government,” he threatened.

Sheikh Adamu accused the Nigerian government of unlawful detentions and executions of their members following “a staged violent protest”.

He said: “During the massacre in Zaria, Nigerian military killed 1000+ followers of Sheikh Zakzaky, demolished places all belonging to the movement, they killed 3 more children of the revered leader, they shot him severally alongside his wife and later whisked away to an illegal detention for more than 10 months now without been charged of any crime; and this time they intend to shed blood of innocent civilians under the scam of Boko Haram.

“They realised that if they dare attack us directly during our gatherings, the world will point accusing fingers on them.

“In view of that, they sponsored a faceless individual in the name of Shekau to speak against us. They will then attack us and held Boko Haram responsible.”

He further added that: “This Shekau is all a hoax meant to deceive the gullible. For long, Sheikh Zakzaky made it clear that we are not fools, we can not be deceived by a faceless figure so called Shekau. Who knows Shekau among you? You can deceive others, but we can not be deceived by Boko Haram! We are not fools.”

Speaking further, Sheik Adamu claimed that: “Initially the Boko Haram group declared to kill including the Izala sect followers, but this time Shekau only made mention of Shi’a, specifically Sheikh Zakzaky; and the Dariqa Sufi sect, excluding the Izala sect among those he calls to divine repentance, this is because the government is for the Wahhabis.

“Government is the Boko Haram, they are responsible for all these killings. Before, it was Jonathan’s administration, and now its vicegerent is responsible for it. That is why the Nigerian military and Boko Haram share similar principles. Nothing is Boko Haram but what they use in achieving their political goals.” The Sheikh said.

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