4 Tips for a successful content marketing strategy

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After talking to the experts, Meziesblog found some startling similarities with content marketers who broke through the noise in 2021 with four very specific strategies.

Here are 4 success tips you should not ignore in content marketing.

1. “Humanizing and improving the quality of content”

We’re not just talking about creating easy-to-read, scannable content, with pretty images and lots of white space. We’re talking about how to weave in your authentic voice, personal stories, and other human elements that captivate a reader from the first to the last word.

Improving content quality was the #1 tactic that 55% of successful content strategies addressed in 2021, and it helped 61% of the marketers we surveyed rank better.

2. “Focusing on customer empathy”

Did you know that 55% of successful companies attribute personalization to growth and conversions? You might be creating content that search engines like, but never forget the face of your customer.


3. “Embracing storytelling”

In 2022, you can no longer write for a keyword—you need to understand who you’re trying to reach and what other topics they are interested in. Use effective topic research tools that can help you find topics that resonate with your target audience, so you can build your topical authority and silo your messaging into a compelling, relatable story.

4. “Optimizing the reader experience”

Designing user-friendly content will be even more essential in 2022. Enhancing the article H tag structure, optimizing readability, and keeping a consistent tone of voice are the keys to creating high-performing content.

Irobiko Chimezie Kingsley can help you improve your copy for readers while also boosting your chances of ranking higher. According to our analysis of data from selected topic research tools, about 31% of the highest-scoring articles appear in the top 10 search results, compared with just 13% among the poorly-scoring ones.

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Cheers to your content marketing success in 2022!