14 Great ideas for gifts worth keeping

Some gifts, such as a candle or a bottle of wine, are great in the moment or for the short-term. Others make memorable keepsakes or are so personal they can’t be re-gifted. Here are some gifts that, besides amusing and delighting the receiver now, are meant to be cherished for years.

There’s nothing stopping you from standing on the sidewalk and screaming “I Love You!” at the top of your lungs—except maybe the neighbors, the police, and later a restraining order. To avoid all that craziness, buy your main squeeze a gift from this list. Every one of them says “I Love You” loud and clear.

Sports Ticket

Guys dream about going to the Big Game, but most of them never get to do it. Tickets are too hard to get, hotel reservations even harder—the whole thing seems like an impossible nut to crack. You can solve all that. Give him this trip package and you’ll be the supreme being of the universe.

“I LOVE YOU” Reminder Block

Men forget, women forget—we all forget to tell the people we love the most how much we really love them. It’s human. You can build in a fail-safe with these reminder blocks. That way, they’re remember that even when you forget, you still love them more than anything on earth.

Loving for Good Reasons

Fifty-two weeks a year, one reason for each week—that’s a whole lot of “I Love You” packed into one Mason jar. Don’t gamble on love or you might end up in a crazy game of fifty-two card pick up. Make it a sure thing with this creative gift, perfect for a man or a woman.

Diamond Ring

Whoever said “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” only had it half right. They’re a guy’s best friend, too, because when a guy goes all out and gets a girl a diamond ring like this one, he gets boyfriend/husband/partner points that last a looooong time.

To The Moon and Back Wine Gaskets

Moonlight, a romantic dinner, a walk in the park, the gentle clink of wine glasses, and a toast “to us.” Now that’s romantic. Make that finishing toast even more romantic with these lovers wine glasses, printed with the phrase that you both know is true—but it doesn’t hurt to come right out and say it.

I Love You Heart Print

Whisper “I Love You” over and over enough times and that whisper becomes a scream. That’s what happens with this romantic, sentimental print. The love builds and builds until it jumps off the wall and your lover can’t deny it. Your love is huge, your love is true, and they’ll never doubt it.

Vintage Love Birds Light Bulbs

Love at first sight can be like a light bulb clicking on in your head. Now saying “I Love You” can happen every time they flick on the actual light switch. You can light up their life with love in any room of the house—or all the rooms in the house if you decide to go all in.

Silk Wool Trench Coat

That man/woman needs a stylish winter coat to make an impression in the big city. This silk and wool trench from Burberry will impress his/her colleagues, and random limo drivers will open doors for him when he passes by, because he/she will look like the millionaire who owns the block.

A Huge Heart Pillow

Three feet tall, three feet wide, all red, all heart, all soft and snuggly pillow embroidered with the words “I Love You.” If you have a sweet and sentimental woman in your life, then this gift will make her swoon. Get two of them, and you can have epic pillow fights that end in outrageous bouts of laughter.

Original Navy Seal Watch

This is a man’s gift if there ever was one. This watch is totally badass—there’s no other way to say it. If your man is into tactical gear, he’ll love this gift. It’s matte black, made from carbon reinforced polycarbonate, and has a face that will glow for 25 years without a charge.

Spiritual Armor Bangle

Not everyone can break the bank on an “I Love You” gift. We know that. But some guys want to get their gal a sweet piece of jewelry that means something. This bangle does it: the intricate, endless knot design symbolizes two spirits moving together on a constantly evolving spiritual journey.

Prada Boots

She’ll turn heads so fast everyone in the neighborhood is going to need a chiropractor after she walks by wearing these knee-high leather stilettos from Prada. Guys, your woman has wanted to buy a pair of these for years, but couldn’t justify the expense. Now she doesn’t have to. And you get to say, “Who loves ya, baby?”

Relaxing Spa Packages

A spa day, a real spa day—we’re not talking about a morning at the YMCA and an after lunch mani-pedi—is a life-changer for any man or woman. From a working mom to a stay-at-home-dad to an insomniac graduate student, give them a full day at a professional spa, and we guarantee they’ll feel the love.

Prices Vary

MacBook Pro

The iPhone is one thing, but a MacBook Pro takes gift giving to the next level. This top of the line laptop from Apple is everything anyone ever wanted in a laptop. If your honey is still rocking a PC, it’s time to introduce them to the real world—it’s like going from a Camry to a Benz.