Zoo Keeper caught enjoying sex with a female Orangutan, says it was Consensual

A randy man who worked as a zoo keeper has been arrested after he was caught pants down with an orangutan. His sexcapades lasted for a while until he allegedly impregnated the ape, arousing suspicion that a human being was responsible for the act because she had no company.

The incident occurred at Indonesia’s Surabaya zoo, according to a report from the Kalimantan Press.

CCTV cameras were mounted at secret locations around the zoo, waiting for the suspect. And as expected, he joyfully walked into the trap as his uncontrollable sexual urge overpowered him.

The 38-year-old zoo keeper who struck a consensual sexual feeling with a lady ape, sneaked in to her enclosure to get his groove on, without knowing he was being watched by the zoo’s security officials.

An employee at the zoo who goes by the name Akhiroel Yahya said: “Some animals seemed sexually aroused when it was time to feed them.

“But what made us most suspicious was when we discovered Marylin, our oldest orangutan, was pregnant.

“She has never been in contact with any other orangutans because of her aggressive nature, so it didn’t make any sense,” said the visbly shaken zoo worker who has been on the job for 14 years.

Abdoel Hakim [a director at the zoo] said: “At first, we clearly did not comprehend what had happened.

“Marilyn has been secluded for the past 10 years, it was a total mystery.

“It is only when we placed several hidden cameras that we learned the horrible truth,” said the director who couldn’t hide his anger at the shameless act from an employee.

The suspect has been arrested though he’s claiming innocence even with the evidence at hand. He says no crime has been committed.

Abubakar Jaar, a police chief, told reporters that the 38-year-old suspect has made his confessional statement.

“He said everything he had done was consensual,” explains the police chief.

“He said he loved each and everyone of the animals and was very sorry he had impregnated the orangutan.

“He says he did not know orangutans could get pregnant from humans,” he added.

Bachtiar Pado Panghulu, a Paleobiologist from the University of Jakarta, gave a lecture to anyone who may have doubts that this can’t possibly happen. He said: “Contrary to popular belief, the orangutan species is much closer to the human species than chimpanzees. We share practically the same DNA code, with only minute differences, which could explain the orangutan falling pregnant from this man.”

“Particularly in Indonesia, the genetic profile of some of the population is extremely close to the orangutan species, leading us to believe they’re might have been a common ancestor to both species only a few hundred thousand years ago,” he added.

Firefly Daily, a news outlet, told another heartbreaking story of an orangutan which was enslaved at the age of 6 to become a commercial sex worker.