You Ain’t Ready: Doomsday Preppers got robbed of Guns, Matchets and Supplies

Police are currently investigating a theft of seven guns, matchets and supplies belonging to a family of doomsday preppers in Ohio, Cleveland. In the event which occurred on Tuesday, the family lost all their survival equipment which means they’re now unprepared for the coming war.

Image from NYC preppers used for illustrative purpose.

According to News OK, Teena Brayen and her husband belong to a cult group known as the ‘Three Percenters’.

“We’re preppers, we believe in preparing for what could happen,” she said.

The family said they’re prepared for the world’s end, and those stolen items were stacked up for thier survival through Armageddon.

This group of preppers say they will not be afraid to take on the U.S. government if any time their personal liberty is denied. But how will they fight the government or the beast at this moment?

Image shows a doomsday prepper with his survival tools.

“Should we be invaded by another country and not able to go get food or should something happen to where our food supply chain or our community would come into any type of harm’s way, we have a way to supply for ourselves and the community around us,” Teena Brayen, a mother-of-two, told reporters.

The heartbroken woman said she was upstairs with her two children when her home was robbed. She believes one of her kids must have left their door slightly open before they slept off, making it very easy for the criminal to walk in and wreck havoc on their safe.

“They’re ready for a war, we were ready for a war,” the woman said.

Teena said her family just relocated from New York to Ohio, adding that anyone or group of persons responsible for the robbery must have seen them moving their blongings into the new home.

“These guys are prepared for war now, they have seven guns, seven,” Brayen said.

If having seven guns was not enough to scare someone – or government – from robbing their home, Teena says she’s worried that their arms have been placed in the wrong hands.

Her worst fear is that people’s lives are now in grave danger.

“I don’t want to see people get hurt because of what people took out of my home, “ she said.

“Our military personnel, especially, and our police officers because they wear bulletproof vests. We have a gun out there that can pierce them and go through cars. All you have got to do is aim it. They took all of our ammo.

“With the ammunition that they’ve got, they’re good for a good year with that ammunition,” Teena mourns.

A report from News 5, an affiliate of ABC News, says a total of “five shotguns, a high-powered rifle, and a pellet gun were all stolen. But, that’s not all. A bug out bag was taken. That’s a portable kit that contains items needed to survive a disaster. 

“Rice, beans, ammo, a thousand dollars worth of ammo, smoke grenades, and 12 machete knives were all taken,” Teena was quoted as saying.

Now something has to be done either to save these preppers from themselves, or save the world from their errors.