Liverpool Legend Steven Gerrard considering a Management Role at the Club

Jurgen Klopp claimed the door is always open at Liverpool for Steven Gerrard

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard, who recently announced his retirement from active football, is considering a management role at the club after Jurgen Klopp made it public that the doors are wide open if he wants a position.

Media reports have also confirmed that the former England international footballer is surely returning to Anfield for a coaching job.

The Telegraph wrote that Gerrard, 36, will first take up a role in Liverpool’s football academy from where his managerial skills will be harnessed.

In his recent interview, the German coach refused to divulge details of what roles the former L.A. Galaxy star will play, preferring to keep reporters guessing.

Klopp said: “This is not the room I want to speak about this.

“When there is something to announce we will announce it and then we talk, you can imagine.

“It’s clear that one day in the future there will be something to announce I’m pretty sure too.

“But up until then, there’s nothing to say, that’s all.

“Steven Gerrard, 186 goals, each goal is a story,” he said of the former midfielder who spent most of his football career with Liverpool in the Premier League.

Steven Gerrard spent 17 seasons at Liverpool before his two-year MLS stint

“The first thing you should all maybe learn if someone wants to help Steven Gerrard is stop being so excited about each next step.

“For everything in life you need room, space to jump in and do something and learn something new.

“If he’s retiring as a player the next thing he will do is new,” Klopp added as Gerrard quits L.A. Galaxy in the MLS.

“He was a young player, he’ll be a young whatever.

“There’s nothing to talk about and I’m absolutely the wrong person to talk about it because maybe all of you know him better than me.

“What I said – and it’s a law – that the door is always open for him. From our side if he wants, it’s an open door and I’m sure he will want it.

“And if he wants to make a different career from his former career we want to help him, that’s how it is.

“Nothing else to say and maybe that was already too much.”