Woman smashed Patriarchy by proposing to Boyfriend onstage at Firefly Festival

Womenfolk have not only developed minds as logical as their egoistic male counterparts, they have made great progress in taking back all rights and privileges which have remained elusive for ages.

Anyone who understands “democracy,” “gender equality,” and “true love,” will find it difficult not to be muttering “F**k patriarchy” right now, just like a brave woman named Sarah Jo CarlSarah Jo Carl did onstage at Firefly Festival.

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“We’re up here smashing the patriarchy” – @sarahjocarl on proposing to Scot on stage with @magicgiant !! 

Having been on a freeway championed by egocentric males, she waited for a chance at a concert to drive home her point.

Sarah took the show by surprise after taking a step forward and assuming the traditional role of males by asking her boyfriend if he would marry her.

The courageous young lady brought her boyfriend Scott Cevera onstage at Dover, Del.’s Firefly Music Festival. It was during L.A. indie-folk band Magic Giant’s Saturday afternoon Lawn Stage.

While viewers watched with mouth agape, she was invited to the stage with her surprised partner. Holding the microphone in her hand, Sarah jitteringly expressed herself and went down on her knees to pop the “hardest-but-most-romantic” question ever.

Guess what? No! Not exactly what you must be thinking.

Scott was dumbfounded as he watched his pumpkin say those romantic words, but she wasn’t fazed with a possible rejection. Not at all. She gushed while the excited crowd cheered her on.

Take one sweet moment to read what transpired between the lovebirds.

She started: “So, Scott, I’ve got a surprise. I kind of went over this in my head, like, 5 million times, and I didn’t know what to say. But I was thinking a couple months ago about how much I love you, and how much I just want to scream it from the rooftops and just tell everyone — how much I love you and that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

The young man was overwhelmed with surprise, yet unable to say a word.

“We’re smashing the patriarchy out here!” Sarah exclaimed while still kneeling down on the stage.

Just as the world waited to hear him scream “YES” [he did, afterall, before sealing his acceptance with a kiss, and a big hug], Austin Bisnow, the Magic Giant leader, congratulated them and quickly played Carl and Cevera’s favorite song “Glass House.”

Of course, Austin knew them somehow, and was sure Scott would say “yes.”

“Sarah reached out to us at the festival,” Biznow later told Yahoo Music in a post-concert chat.

“She was very thorough! I think she hit us up on Facebook, then she reached out to the festival and said she wanted to propose to her boyfriend — and she wanted Magic Giant. The festival said to us, ‘Are you OK with this?’ And we were like, ‘Heck, yeah!’ They said, ‘Do you want to do it low-key?’ We said, ‘No! Let’s do it big! Get her on the stage!'”

Biznow confirmed Scott never knew about the plot all along. He was completely taken unawares for love, just as Sarah would have it.

The song “Glass Heart” was a perfect choice for her because it has some good lines for sweet relationships.

“Let’s make history” is a part of the tune’s key lines which inspired Sarah’s decision.

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