Wise political advice from an OBIdient Nigerian


I met someone who’s in the present APC government at the federal level yesterday and he’s someone I have known for years since my childhood.

In the course of catching up since we last met, we began talking about the Obi Phenomenon and the youth surge and support for Obi and the Labour Party.

He told me that he will vote for Peter Obi even though he’s in an APC government and that he’s silently mobilizing youths in his state for Peter Obi. But he sounded a word of advice to me which I feel I have a responsibility to inform the youths, especially those registering for the first time and those changing their polling units to register in other places.

‘Charles, there’s a system which might cost Obi votes in 2023. You see these youths that are rushing to register for their PVC at INEC offices? While they are doing the right thing, they also are very uninformed about what will likely happen to cause them disenfranchisement in the election. Look, the electoral rule is that you vote where you register for your PVC. Hundreds of thousands of voters registering are moving far away from their polling units to farther areas just to register. Imagine someone living in Surulere, going to register for a PVC in Victoria Island just because Surulere polling unit was too crowded. That person collects a PVC and assumes that he or she will use it to vote in Surulere in 2023.

No! That’s what they don’t know and they are too much in a rush to even rationalize their thoughts. On Election Day, there will be no movement anywhere. Voters will only vote in the polling units where they registered. So, the Labour Party has to sensitize voters and its supporters that they should try as much as possible to register where they reside. And for those that leave one local government to another one just to get a PVC, they should be informed that a day before the Presidential election, they should go to that area where they registered and stay till the next day so that they can vote. It’s a sacrifice they have to make.

People are rushing to register with too much frenzy and not thinking these little things through’

I weighed his words and I have to agree with him. Every little detail is important as we approach the election.

~~Charles Novia