2023 Election: How to stay safe in Nigeria during the election period

fraud, bribery and corruption

Fellow Nigerians, as the 2023 presidential election approaches, there is widespread fear that some gullible Nigerians would be manipulated to shed blood.

There are rumours that some politicians have “inspired and motivated” their thugs for wanton destruction of lives and property on the election day. But law-abiding Nigerians should remain calm and perform their obligated duties as law-abiding citizens on the country.

However, it is advisable that everyone should resist the temptation of wearing any T-shirts of political parties while traveling–no matter the strength of your loyalty and affiliation to the parties/politicians. Please, exercise extreme caution. Do not visit the polling centers with political party-branded T-Shirts, face caps and hand bands, especially when embarking on long-distance travel. This is an important information that should be spread across other platforms for personal safety.


  1. Do Not Argue About Politics in Public.
  2. Always Get Back home On Time.
  3. Do Not Criticize Any Politician in public.
  4. Do not support or wear political campaign clothes to the polling unit.
  5. Don’t keep late nights.
  6. Always listen to the news.
  7. Don’t disclose who you will vote for at the polls
  8. Once you cast your vote go back home.
  9. Don’t move about with huge cash
  10. When driving, ensure that your car central lock is activated
  11. Avoid mixing with crowd or groups of people
  12. If you must hang out with friends, ensure that it is safe to do so.
  13. Don’t move about with expensive gadgets (Mobile Devices, Laptops, etc)
  14. Minimize your Family outings during election period
  15. Stock up your home with food, groceries, etc
  16. Have emergency numbers handy.
  17. Do not talk recklessly or carelessly at the Polling unit.
  18. Do not partake in election violence.
    21.Do not argue on social media groups.

Please it is very important that we strictly adhere to these election security guides for our safety assurance.