Why Millennials are hard to employ

The modern workplace holds different meanings for millennials because of their employability challenges.

To explain the above assertion, most employers misconstrue the younger generation as a sensitive, rebellious and narcissistic group of workers whose sense of entitlement unavoidably leads to rejection, unemployment and depression. These circumstances present employers with an overwhelming management challenge.

However, millennials aren’t the root cause of their predicaments—blame it on modernization—because evolving workplace culture in the 21st century permits people to be openminded, relaxed and compassionate about their jobs, colleagues and private lives.

In addition, flexibility is now a right—not privilege. And taking long leave days or vacation weeks is no longer strange for workers. Therefore, young people joining an ageing group of staff in a laid-back work environment find it difficult to change or adapt to the existing lifestyle, attitude, culture or traditions of modern-day organizations.

These points highlight some of the employability problems encountered by managers, and exonerates millennials from biased claims on job suitability.


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