Why Margaret Keenan is trending on social media

By any standard Margaret is an extraordinary woman. She’s a healthy, spritely 90-year-old who only gave up working in a jewelery shop four years ago.

Today she became even more remarkable. Margaret Keenan agreed to be the first person in the western world to be vaccinated against coronavirus. She came to University Hospital Coventry for a routine examination and will leave a figure in history.

It was 6.10am when she was wheeled into the make shift vaccination room on the first floor, according to media reports.

Met by the world’s media and May Parsons, the nurse who was to administer the jab, she looked unfazed and relaxed.

An iTV reporter noted, “At precisely 06.30am camera shutters clicked furiously and broadcast cameras rolled, our journalists shuffled in as close as we could get to witness this moment, iPhones aloft to record it. The vaccination had taken place, quick, painless and efficient.After the event each correspondent took turns to ask Margaret how she felt.”

“She felt fine she told us, she wasn’t nervous, she wanted everyone else to follow suit and she was looking forward to speaking to her family to tell them.

“There was something hugely comforting in Margaret’s ordinary response, she may have been catapulted into the history books, to become a symbol of medical scientific achievement but she was still Margaret Keenan, who just wants a nice Christmas with her family.:

Emily Morgan (iTV Health Editor) continued, “She will indeed get that now, she’s due to leave hospital shortly and will only return in three weeks time for her second dose of the Pfizer/BioNtech jab.As Margaret left the room, was a moment that made me stop and think. Nurses lined the corridor to clap her out. It is what so many staff did for patients leaving intensive care, during the first wave.

“The symmetry was so poignant it gave me goose bumps. Other patients were then wheeled in for their shot.”

About 150 vaccinations will be completed at the UK hospital today and 400 a day by next week. Once they scale up in the New Year they hope to have a tent in the car park, similar to testing sites we’ve seen throughout the pandemic. Let’s hope that is the case, since the Pfizer jab is so tricky to store that is a bg risk.