Why football fans love Cristiano Ronaldo

🎙️ Kevin-Prince Boateng on Ronaldinho:

“When he wasn’t going out at night, he would come to training and say who he was going to nutmeg and he did it. He could also hit the crossbar as many times as he wanted to and juggle the ball like no other. It seemed impossible to me that so much talent could be contained in one person – he is the best player I have played with. When I arrived at AC Milan, he was not in the best period of his career but there were times when you realised he was the best player in the world: more than Zidane, Pelé or Maradona.”

Ronaldo deserves the love he gets from football fans all over the world

Let me break that reason down now.

Ronaldo came to Manchester United as a hotshot. Fergie paid 15 million pounds to Lisbon for the player, and that amount was really big money for a teenager at that time. Everyone knew he had pace and great skills. Thats all.

In addition to that huge amount, Ronaldo was given the magical Number 7 jersey. The hype was all set. Then Ronaldo started to deliver.

He developed into the best player in the world under Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Ronaldo spent the most crucial part of his football career, the teenage years here at Old Trafford. He worked hard. Developed his shooting skills, his team work, his physique, And he became so good that Real Madrid were willing to pay any amount of money to get him.

So, Manchester United created the monster in Ronaldo. And he gave the club everything he had. His dream always was to play for Madrid but when Fergie asked him to stay for another season, he did. He showed such respect to the old man despite the whole world hoisting him above his head. The Portugal internal footballer kept his feet to the ground.

I cannot write enough things about how Ronaldo has always been grateful and humble towards the club and how he never abused or misused or disrespected the club or the fans in any way. Which is why, like I said in the beginning, he deserves the respect he gets not only from Manchester United fans but from football lovers all over the world.



Guys who take care of themselves, work out, are super strong and are generally active are just crazy attractive.  Cristiano Ronaldo not only does all that but he takes it one step further by being an amazing professional football (soccer) athlete. He works hard and he plays hard, which is another reason to love this man. He trains hard in the gym and then shows us what he’s got on the soccer field. And not only does he play, he is good! It’s always fun to cheer for your favorite good-looking player, but it’s even better when they actually know how they play the game and can slay everyone in their way. Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo has the looks, but he also has the talent to go along with it, and that is yet another reason why we love him. But there are a whole lot of reasons, as you’ll see!

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There is just something about foreign guys that makes them so lovable. Cristiano Ronaldo is from Portugal, and beyond his good looks, we love him for that. You may not be able to understand him in his interviews when he is speaking a different language, but you definitely still listen anyway. He could sing you foreign love songs every night and you would never get tired of hearing them. Even more, he is proud of where he is from and he works hard to make his country proud of him. We love that Cristiano Ronaldo is a foreign man who is proud of where he is from and makes where he is from a part of his identity. In fact, we love him so much we’re about to go grab our passports and head over to Portugal to see this beautiful man in all his glory. We’re totally serious about this.


A man who takes selfies is definitely a real man. And we love Cristiano Ronaldo for blessing us with multiple selfies on his Instagram page. Whether he is being super silly, posing with his son, or giving us yet another look at his beautiful eyes, we think the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo takes selfies for days is pretty good. This shows a confident man who happy to show his smiling face to the world. He likes who he is and is proud to show that to the world. And we like who he is too, so we will gladly take it. Though taking selfies has been made fun of some, and there is a somewhat negative view around it, Cristiano doesn’t care. He does what he wants, and he when he wants to show us that he is laying out by the pool getting some sun to add more beautiful color to himself or that he is loving all of his fans that come to celebrate with him, we love him for it.

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Cristiano Ronaldo definitely loves his family, which makes us love him even more. Family is very important to him, and he shows this by the way he celebrates and appreciates the time he does get to have with his family. Because he has to travel a lot to play professional soccer, it is not like he gets to spend time with them every day. But you do see him traveling with his family when he can and giving them shoutouts and lots of love with heart emojis on his social media and in his interviews. It could be easy for Cristiano to lose sight of everything a family has to offer in light of all the fortune and fame he has, but you see him getting a lunch date with the whole crew, and it makes us happy. Thank you, Cristiano Ronaldo, for giving us yet another reason to love you.

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Friendship is just as important to Cristiano Ronaldo as winning any championship is, and that is something we definitely value in a person. When a guy understands that friends are what help you get through life and achieve the greatest things, it’s a good sign. And it is also a great reason to fall more in love with this great soccer player. Whether they are teammates who have turned in to life-long friends, family members that also double as friends, or just his “mates” as he calls him that come to visit, Cristiano makes time for those social connections. This is just another way we see Cristiano knowing how to balance the different aspects of life. Yes, he focuses on his career and that is very important to him, but he also wants to make sure he is giving the time and energy and thankfulness to those people who make his life even more enjoyable — aka his friends.


We love Cristiano Ronaldo, and he loves us, which then makes us love him even more. Yes, he is famous for being a professional athlete, but that doesn’t make him cocky or act like he is too good for us normal people. In fact, he is very thankful for his fan base because he knows it is their support and encouragement that help keep him going when games get tough. They are loyal to him, and he shows appreciation to that. On his Instagram page, you can find him taking pictures with his fans and thanking them for their support. As long as you don’t turn into some super creepy stalker fan girl and keep it to a normal obsession, Cristiano is totally cool with that. A man who can show thanks for his fans by including them in the celebration of the game, is definitely a man worth loving.


Any guy who can post a good selfie with a duck face is amazing in our books! Cristiano can make any duck face look hot. He doesn’t care that the duck face is a typically a female thing, he owns it. Whether he is doing it to show off his perfectly plump lips or as a joke in some of his pictures, he makes it look good. That’s another thing: Cristiano can make pretty much anything look good, and not a lot of people have that talent. What some people would consider embarrassing or something you just shouldn’t post on your Instagram page; he doesn’t really care. He is going to display himself in whatever way he chooses. That is a good life lesson right there if I’ve ever heard one. Cristiano Ronaldo giving us duck lips in his selfie should encourage us to do whatever the heck we want without worrying about what other people will say about it.


They say the way to every woman’s heart is by making her laugh, and Cristiano Ronaldo has got that down. A man with a sense of humor is easy to fall in love with, which is another reason to love Cristiano. Whether he is acting silly with his friends, doing something crazy with his little boy, or making a bit of a fool of himself in the gym, Cristiano Ronaldo is always on the search for a good time, lots of smiles, and tons of laughter. Like any good man, he understands that if you work hard, it means you need to play even harder. And he takes this literally while on the field, and as an excuse to always be having a good time. Taking pictures of kissing face with his son, throwing up the peace sign, doing his thing, Cristiano Ronaldo will definitely put a smile on your face, and we love him for it.


Not only is he an awesome soccer player, but he also inspires others to do great things with their life, too. Instead of keeping the focus on him and everything he’s amazing at, he wants to reach other people and change their lives for the better. We mean, come on, what’s not to love? On his posts and during interviews he always mentions the importance of following your heart and your dreams in order to achieve all that you want in life. He definitely represents that hard work is the way to success and this should be a lesson for everyone who follows him and sees how he lives his life. Just by seeing all he has accomplished; one can be inspired to go out and accomplish great things themselves. In this way, Cristiano Ronaldo is a great role model, and it gives us another reason to love him.

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Yes, he has been called the greatest soccer player in the world multiple times, but Cristiano Ronaldo is such a team player. He makes sure to give credit to his entire team when they win, and he knows he couldn’t be the great player he is without the support of the other players both on and off the field. He has a great relationship with his teammates and their bond is what helps them win games. If he was all stuck up and liked the glory to be focused all on him, it would be hard to justify his good looks as a good reason to like him. But we don’t have to worry about that. A guy who is a star, but who is always a team player, is definitely something to love in a man. He publicly talks about how much he loves his team and he definitely seems super thankful to be in the place that he is.

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A guy who can rock the short-shorts is definitely a guy to love. Of course, it helps that he has extremely muscular and hot legs. So really, we don’t mind at all! He’s definitely that perfect combination of confident and hilarious. Most guys these days would have some rude comments about his outfit choices sometimes, but we think they’re just jealous they can’t pull off that look as well as Cristiano Ronaldo. It may be a culture thing, or it may just be a him thing, but whatever the reason we love Cristiano in his short-shorts and we hope he continues to wear them as he does – in the gym, on the field, and just hanging out by the pool, which is our particular favorite because he rarely has a shirt on in those pictures. Not only is he good looking, but he shows it off for everyone to see. Thank you, Cristiano.


Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo in a soccer uniform is a beautiful sight, but have you seen the other glam he puts on? Cristiano has a great fashion sense, and we just love him for it. From the watches he shows off, to his perfectly done hair, to seeing him all dressed up in a white suit, we can’t get enough. It’s one thing for a man to be attractive, it’s a whole different (and even better) thing for a man to know how to dress in a way that makes a statement. Cristiano Ronaldo definitely knows how to make that statement. We mean, how often do you see a man rocking the white pants? He’s not even just wearing them; he’s looking absolutely amazing! From casual to classy, Cristiano has mastered all fashionable things. He even knows how to rock big diamond earrings, and he does it well. What a man.


We love Cristiano Ronaldo’s son… almost as much as we love Cristiano himself and his other kids. What is more attractive and lovable than a man who is an amazing father? The closest thing is probably a man playing with a puppy in a park, but we still think that dad things trump that. It melts our hearts every time we see him playing with his son, taking him on trips, hugging him and spending quality time with him. As a professional athlete, it would be easy for Cristiano Ronaldo to put his son on the back burner and put all of his focus into his career, but this is not the case. Instead, Cristiano posts pictures on his Instagram of his son in the locker room with him. It’s as if he has made him a part of the team as well. He puts that little boy first, and that is just another reason we can’t help but love Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been given the title of the greatest soccer player in the world, he’s on the winning team of the Champions League as well as many other highly valued titles, and still, he is humble. He knows that he didn’t get to where he is now because he was granted a magic wish. No, he worked hard. He had to fight through injuries, losses, and more and he still came out on top. He has every reason to be proud of what he has accomplished, but he still makes sure to remember where it all started and how he had to grow to get to the place he is now. Even more, he gives credit to his teammates, his country, his fans, and knows how to be confident in himself without boasting about the point of arrogance. A man who is able to find that balance is even more lovable than just a good-looking man.


He followed his dreams and became who he wanted to be, and he keeps pushing forward, unafraid to go after what he loves and be completely himself in the process. This is an inspiration in itself for us to do the same. If he wants to post selfies, he does. If he wants to give us a duck face in those selfies, he does that too. He is funny, professional, a hard worker, and best of all, he is himself. Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo is good looking – there is no denying that. But it’s all his other attributes that make him who he is that draw us to love him even more. Keep being you, Cristiano, it’s definitely working for you. We wouldn’t change a thing… except maybe having you fall in love with us. But that’s just a minor detail. We’ll cross that path when we get there. In the meantime, we’re super glad to bask in the glory of your success, talent, and super cute looks.

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