Why Elon Musk tweeted about death and going to hell

Elon Musk Tesla

World richest man, Elon Musk has revealed he’s okay with going to hell.

The tech genius revealed this on his official Twitter page on Monday, 9th May, 2022 while responding to a Tweep.

The billionaire had made a disturbing post about his possible demise which had caused quite a stir online.

A Twitter user had appealed to him to profess his belief in the supreme creator of the universe before his heart beats it’s last.

Replying to this Elon Musk appreciated the Tweep’s kind words but stated that he’d be fine with going to the heelll if that’s where his destination is.

In swift reactions, netizens rebuked the scary note by Elon who is the chief executive officer of Tesla and SpaceX.

“If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya,” Elon had tweeted in the early hours of Monday.

Reports say Elon’s tweet comes after the former Russian Deputy PM, Dmitry Rogozin, sent a false information about him to the Russian media.

It was also reportedly said that the billionaire tech guru was accused of supporting fascism in Ukraine by supplying military communication equipment to the war-torn country through his company, Starlink, amid ongoing war.

Meanwhile, Musk’s tweet about his death has continued to cause tension and uncertainty online.

His mother, Maye Musk, also took to Twitter to react to the tweet, noting that it wasn’t funny.

Musk replied: “Sorry I will try his best to stay alive.”