Why Do You Fear To Succeed?

Everyone has different problems but we all share dreams of being successful, from deep within our hearts. However, only one thing separates success from failure and that would be FEAR.

We are have fears, no doubts, but how we let it decide what solutions are available to our problems can kill, enhance or change our life dreams.

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In truth, “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”. This implies that fear is what we make it–it doesn’t exist, actually. Translate “fear” to mean “challenges” and you’ll understand this better.

There are, of course, situations where fear becomes necessary–like buying insurance policies; buckling our seat belts while driving; or locking our homes while we sleep at night. These are “reasonable fears”.

“Fear has torment,” Scripture says.  And it does indeed (I John 4:18). We are discussing that FEAR that separates winners from losers

According to Joe McKeever, “Fear often sits in the drivers seat. Fear backs down. Fear puts job security above everything else. Fear does not want to rock the boat, wants everyone to be on board and happy before any decision is made, and does not sleep when one church member is upset.”

Going a bit further on, it’ll right to say that “Fear hesitates to do anything unusual, anything that has never been tried before, anything outside the normal practice, anything that might be questioned”.

Faith establishes that the status quo is the path, now walk in it. Your religion has nothing to do with this “faith”–Muslim or Christian. It is the conviction, hope, inspiration and belief from within you soul.

Fear rejects change whereas faith loves the new things the Creator God is always producing. Faith transforms our fears into success. The history behind every successful person you know, started with the desire for change.

Fear gives in to threats; faith takes note of the threats, then ignores them and goes ahead.

Fear rejects something God wants because of how it might look, what outsiders may say, out of a desire to please the world. Faith understands such caution but has learned to scoff at it…

Fear refuses to take a chance on people. Faith never misses an opportunity to do just that. What else can we say?

Fear refuses to go ahead when the path is not clear, supplies are not on hand, and the vote is not 100 percent.  Faith obeys, regardless of how far it can see, what it has on hand, and how many are in favor.

Everyone knows that Fear would rather procrastinate to understand the outcome before applying procedures whereas faith takes action and persevere until results are achieved.

There’s fear everywhere. People fear to tithe in church even when they know it’s necessary to appreciate God; many fear to let go of bad habits; some fear to fall in love or get married; others fear to invest; workers fear they’ll lose their jobs; even pastors fear they’ll fall into temptations.

Haven’t you seen teens or adults wishing they didn’t grow up? One thing they don’t know is that fear represents a defenseless monster that can be won only within us. We all have keys to our problems masked in fear. Finding it, is a task for the brave.


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