How To Be The Best Employee.

Being the best employee in any organization isn’t the goal of every employee and it’s not given for the asking, however, it’s something achievable. Although employers demand only “efficiency and effectiveness” from workers, individual or collective achievements remain the primary goals.

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Managers understand quite well that division of labor is the cog in their wheel of progress, so every employee is expected to make meaningful contributions to the realization of organizational goals.

This is not to say that individualism is not encouraged. In fact it is applauded in many establishments.

However, being able to draw a line between achieving individual trophies and “selfishness” which exerts negative influence on the general goal, remains an important issue for every aspiring “best employee”.

“I think it’s important to know that the best employee doesn’t really exist. You can be favorable at some times, and then suddenly, market changes, someone new comes in, a host of things can occur and you are no longer favored,” Angela Mak, a yoga teacher argues.

I would love to agree with Angela, not on the argument that there’s nothing like a “best employee”, but on the fact that there are indeterminate factors which pose mountainous obstacles to individual dreams in every organization.

This is where eagles are separated from other birds.

The founder of, known simply as Carlos, proposed a very simple but focused and clear mathematical equation that best summarizes employee performance. He said:

“Do your job = Good enough.
Do your job well = Good.
Do your job well and go beyond what your job entails = Great.”

There’s no better way to being the “best employee” except by having a positive attitude. Positive thinking towards obstacles can spark a chain reaction of positive thoughts, unexpected events and amazing outcomes.

Take an eagle for instance, when it rains and most birds fly under shelter, the eagle is the only bird that will fly far beyond the cloud to avoid it.

The point is this, there will always be problems from colleagues, managers, customers and sometimes, ourselves. But your approach will make the difference.

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Ready for the struggle? You might want to consider these few tips:

  1. You can start being the best employee by getting to know your boss. If you don’t understand what your manager wants, you’ll be in a difficult position to grow in your job. For example, does he prefer updates delivered in written form or verbally; Spreadsheets or PowerPoint slides? Does he want you passing across information via email, during a team meeting, or on a voicemail?
  2. It is advisable that you always learn what your boss’ goals are in short-terms and long-terms. You could simply ask on a one-on-one meeting:  “Sir/Ma, if I’m aware of your goals and priorities, I can better support you in achieving them. Can you share these with me, so that I can help you succeed?” Acquainting yourself with his goals, dreams, projects and more, grants you a chance to make his life easier, and yours as well.
  3. Always keep your boss in the loop. For instance, a situation where there’s a misunderstanding between you and a customer–and you sure know this will bring your boss and the Customer Service manager head on, it’ll be right if you discuss with him in detail before it’s too late.
  4. Prove yourself to be reliable by doing your job satisfactorily without expecting your boss to spoon-feed you.
  5. If you have deadlines for a project, stretch yourself beyond limit to get things done. Your boss may accept or even give excuses but you’re challenged to offer more–a chance to set yourself apart from an average employee.
  6. Behave professionally. They say “all work and no play…” but not while on the job. However, being friendly, jovial or cracking a few jokes to ease off the pressure isn’t bad. Keep it professional.
  7. Be thankful when customers or colleagues complain about your shortcomings. Rather than get offended, see it as an opportunity to learn. This will surely bring a positive spirit to your goal of being the “best employee”. Always strive to be at your best.
  8. Build good relationships with colleagues. Treat all co-workers with courtesy, respect, and kindness because they hold more power than you realize, and your reputation with them matters. Do not hang out with other employees who mistreat, disrespect, or talk down to others. Don’t fail to show appreciation for kindness received. It motivates people to treat you better.
  9. Time, time, time. It waits for no one but your ability to beat it, keeps your goal on course. Arriving at work 15 minutes before time relieves you of unnecessary pressure, and guarantees you’ll be ready for the day’s job even before your boss or customers step in.
  10. Innovation: Try bringing in new solutions to organizational problems. While it seems easier to apply outdated solutions to contemporary problems, applying innovative strategies that solves organizational problems with less stress and time, can elevate you to a “superstar employee” status.
  11. Quit whining about problems and put on your thinking cap! Instead of finding what to complain about, discover new things for your boss and the entire organization. You’ll achieve your dream of being the best employee, if you always have one or two solutions in hand before you complain to your boss.

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