If Adele Could Quit Smoking…Everyone Can.


The Brits 2016 made history for Adele who took home 4 Grammy awards, an addition to her growing list of accolades. The singer and mother of one is currently the most talked about woman in the world and she is enjoying the popularity.

The singer has been criticized for her choice of the f-word recently. Fans and haters have also frowned at her stage rants on public issues.

The best part of her life, for those who might be stuck in the same predicament, is that she successfully dropped the smoking habit. How?

The Hello singer said she feared smoking would kill her so she had to quit. Every smokers knows that smoking is dangerous and that smokers are liable to die young but that advice seems not to have any weight.

In her words: “If I’d carried on smoking I’d probably have died from a smoking-related illness and I think that’s really bad.

“If I was dying from lung cancer I would have potentially given it to myself and that wouldn’t be something I’d be proud of.”

The new mom to a 3-year-old Angelo said that she had been smoking 25 cigarettes a day and had to cancel shows in 2011 after losing her voice due to the habit.

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It was after a successful operation that she was informed by the doctor that her career could be over if she didn’t quit smoking.

Unfortunately, someone in her family had already suffered from smoking related problems. Adele’s dad Marc Evans, 53, was treated of bowel cancer so she didn’t have to look far for inspiration.

Though both father and daughter weren’t in a healthy relationship, the battle against cancer mended their hearts.

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