Which dictator is the worst in history after Hitler?

Hitler wasn’t the worst dictator in history.

Studies show that Pol Pot, who led Cambodia between 1976-1978, is one of the worst dictators ever!

His claims to infamy:

  • Killed more people in proportion to the size of the nation than any other dictator
  • Killed most people in shortest timeframe
  • Destroyed the economy of Cambodia
  • Destroyed the intelligentsia of Cambodia
  • Effectively rendered Cambodia back to the Bronze Age
  • Destroyed the infrastructure of Cambodia
  • Caused a man-made famine in Cambodia
  • Obliterated literacy in Cambodia
  • Deurbanized and deindustrialized the country completely
  • Sowed the land full of land mines, making 30% of the fields of Cambodia uncultivable
  • Founded the largest extermination camps ever and coined the concept “killing fields”.

Finally, his ambitions went too far when he attacked Vietnam. The Khmer Rouge military, already starving and badly armed for anything else than terrorizing unarmed people with eyeglasses, collapsed in front of the Vietnamese military (who had just kicked the arses of both USA and China).

Never before has a foreign conqueror been welcomed so heartly than in Cambodia, and never before has a war turned so quickly into a humanitarian rescue operation as in Cambodia.