What’s Not Right With This Girl?

It's done.

A look at this colorful picture brings creativity to the mind.

It may have taken a few minutes, hours or even days to create. Art is a talent and will never be a skill to be learnt. But when one has the inborn talent enhanced, Leonardo Da Vinci must smile all the way from heaven at the productions.

What’s wrong with the picture? Do you see incompetence or ingenuity?

2 thoughts on “What’s Not Right With This Girl?

  1. I think it’s a great start to an awesome piece that exemplifies creativity. The young woman looks like an artist and is brimming with color. Except, the white shirt/smock she wears lacks something. Maybe add some shadow or thicker lines. But, the stockings, hair and cup are great. She is having her daily cup of inspiration, and creativity is rising through her brain and seeping out of her pores. You could also add to this by either having some message dampen the back of her shirt (as if she sweated it out) or add some floor decor like a rug and some source of inspiration (a magazine, collection of photos and a camera, etc.). Much potential in this one.