What People Are Saying About 5o Cent As A Bully.

Rapper 50 Cent is currently getting whipped by haters around the globe. The sad news of his unnecessary humiliation of a young man he met at the airport hasn't been taken lightly by many.

BULLY: 50 Cent Records Himself Mocking Disabled Teenย Janitor.

  • rusty_stone9@50cent I went to school with him. His name is Andrew Farrell. He has extreme social difficulties just to let you know. He has a hard enough time getting through life without jackasses like you making fun of him. I hope you feel good about yourself. You just lost a huge fan. @drewfarrell75

    • _respekmynameYou're acting like he knew that
    • _r0mzdamn not cool fif, and you snitching ontop of that lol
    • _r0mz@_respekmyname you can tell just by looking at him
    • t_rentdoyleHoly shit. He never says anything that's why he wasn't saying anything to 50..
    • mrsjohnson1316@blvckbarber
    • zachmatzetDamn @50cent i like your shit now nah im good i no that kid
    • djnanoaustraliaRight on bro ! Your a champ .. 50 can eat shit for that
    • seaning50s wrong for going out this guy
    • officialscottdangerbravo@rusty_stone9 check your DM. I have an idea how we can put a smile on Andrews face. :)
    • lubooooooo50cent is a savage lmao
    • rfarrow8raWhat goes around comes around 50 pence. Hats off to this guy, he suffers with what he suffers with. And still works in the most busy place ever, a air port ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
    • mahadxv@rusty_stone9 is that his IG or does he have 2
    • rusty_stone9That's his IG @mahadxv
    • rebekahthepotatoHow horrible ๐Ÿ˜” people are so cruel
    • afikjamesI Never liked that son of a bitch ever since he came into the industry based on lies, 5-0 aka 50 will get his karma far worse than rozay, i know that he was trouble when he lied about his shot 9 times, thank god stop snitchin, stop lying exposed the truth.

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  • jaycutz93he dont care about a fan but man 50 just talk shit!
  • mrpocketsofsteelAnd this surprises people? I mean…..look at “fifty pennies.”๐Ÿ’ฉYou don’t need a high school education to know that “fifty pennies” isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    ANYONE who is a fan of this jackball says a lot about themselves both socially and psychologically. It really is that simple. Rusty_Stone9 – – you now have a new follower. Keep doing what you’re doing.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ช
  • seymo901DA fuck u mad for talkin bout he lost a huge fan ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚#crybaby
  • josito_the_god50 cent is awesome fuck this kid
  • josito_the_godHow the fuck 50 was supposed to know thus kid is “Handicapped ” man kids these days are soft as fuck
  • josito_the_god@afikjames come to Southside Jamaica Queens talking that shit ! 50 is authentic nothing fake about Curtis Jackson
  • josito_the_godrusty you’re a bitch shut the fuck up loser get a life
  • josito_the_godanyone mad at 50 are a bunch of losers
  • leighanne1959Good for you rusty_stone9! Nice to see a young person with ethics and morals! Kudos to your parents and also to you for being there for your classmate!
  • leighanne1959Josito, just because he can sing and rap that in your eyes allows him to readily abuse another person? You unlike rusty_stone9 were obviously not raised properly! What a callous, vulgar human being!
  • spicoli83@rusty_stone9 good job getting this out there for Andrew
  • georgefigStfu
  • michael_zukermanGod bless you for standing up for this young man. You are what heros are made of in this sickened society. You give me hope. Thank you for speaking for the rest of us who maintane a soul, values, and morals.
  • totally_jazzed_out@afikjames Curtis “Fraudulent” Jackson should change his name to 50 L’s
  • sissy_king2015You are an amazing person to stand up for this young man you know. Someone who is a celeberty or not know better and be ashamed of himself for bullying someone with special needs. #stopbullying
  • miki_boricHe deleted it! Good job standing up! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • miki_boricJust saw the actual video…I thought he reposted something like he usually does…but what a dick. And not to mention he said our generation is fucked up as if he was a teacher or something and not a crack dealer smfh. 99% of these celebrities are shallow people
  • leecaro3Good on you for sticking up for your friend
  • u the loser out here typing paragraphs defending a grown ass man
  • fucking cornball
  • trherzLol this guy is trying to get likes …. I looked at your other pics and only 6 likes per picture .. Haha I guess your gesture of trying to defend this guy worked ! Good job whatever you go to do for fame.
  • afikjames@josito_the_god Stfu, 5-0 aka 50 is talentless.
  • afikjames@totally_jazzed_out the same piece of shit who lied about his shot 9 times.
  • totally_jazzed_out@afikjames he is nothing but an actor…yeah um do bullet scars magically dissappear do they?
  • samarms84@josito_the_god you have a lot of damn nerve talking about people with disabilities, when you yourself are wheelchair-bound! An example of pot calling the kettle black๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก
  • tkih_@solodankin it’s not his fault fool. Get outta here before I kame kame ha your ass
  • solodankinDidnt say it was his fault? Jus asked for an explanation..then u come n threaten niggas…but black ppl r ignorant…..@tkih_
  • sawfishpro34Still not ok to talk shit to anyone!
  • chadgloer@solodankin social media is for everyone. 50 clearly didn’t know that he had a disability but it doesn’t change the fact that he blasted someone he didn’t know. Race got nothing to do with it either. You might think it does but that’s just my opinion. I know you don’t care what I think though lol
  • afikjames@totally_jazzed_out yep.
  • kodachrome_@50cent you fucking fuckface! You made yourself looking fuckin’ stupid. Apologize to that man!
  • trxp_soullDamn @50cent soo fucking ignorant
  • mercetc83@solodankin idiot…50 put him on social media, why you gotta take it to race?! Ignorant like 50 smh
  • ashleycsloan@_respekmyname you don’t just go up to people and great them that way for no reason. It doesn’t matter if he knew that or not— he treated him badly for what? There’s no excuse. Try again.
  • tarafoxfoyRusty, ty for calling out that former drug dealer Curtis, and drawing attention to Drew who is AMAZING๐Ÿ˜
  • ashleycsloan@solodankin because people with social disabilities are human too and are allowed to have social media. Cannot even believe that needs to be explained. Where did anyone say “black people are ignorant?” You’re ignorant because you choose to be that way. Not knowing people with social issues can use social media and bringing race up for no reason… Go pick up and a book, go experience something…. Your mind is small.
  • ashleycsloanAnd shout out to YOU,@rusty_stone9 for being a good friend and standing up for Andrew. You’re awesome.
  • focusedfelderFif a savage Ima buyin more @50cent
  • focusedfelderU wanted yo 15 seconds of fame wanted to try and play a be the hero @rusty_stone9 or dis really yo homies from school
  • jatthewbarYa but how was he making fun of him @50cent didn’t say shit about the kid all he said was it looked like he was high ppl on the internet are a bunch of fucking pussies
  • arigabriel1oh wow
  • baaguadaleWhat a dick.
  • brian4382atYou know I have a child with disabilities I don’t give a fuck if you are 50 cents you are a really sad person to make fun of somebody with disabilities maybe you should not judge somebody by their appearance when you don’t even know their story here let me try 50 by the looks of you it looks like you spent most of your time in lock up do you take it in the a** because you look like a former prisoner and people with disabilities it doesn’t matter if they do look HI 50 how many people have you paid off for the fucked-up shit that you have done as if you don’t get high and you don’t have to say shit just saying the kid looks High and singling him out is enough for a person with disabilities people with disabilities have a hard enough life as it is without some rich asshole pointing out their problems and to the people that think just because he didn’t call him a retard or something makes it okay for him to single out this one young man and say that he looks High and you think that that is fine and call people on the internet a bunch of pussies I hope that when you have a child they have a disability then maybe one day you will actually understand why this would upset so many people I would never wish a disability on anyone but people that think it is okay to single them out just because they look high did you ever think that that boy looks that way everyday rather he wants to or not it is not okay to single out anybody with a disability in any way and the people that think it is are just as ignorant as the person that singled out this kid the sad part I used to like 50 until I just read this it’s sad somebody as rich as you with so many people that loved your music would sooner make fun of a kid and you may not see it as making fun of him but when you look at it through his eyes and realize that he doesn’t have a choice on the way he looks that should make you feel like a real ass along with anyone else that can’t see the problem with pointing out that somebody looks a certain way what do you care what that person looks like why would you bother saying something about this kid when half the time you wouldn’t bother saying one word to anybody even a fan
  • croissantdaddyI can’t believe that bankrupt piece of shit @50cent had the nerve to post and humiliate someone like that
  • afikjames@croissantdaddy the same cocksucker that stole ja rule’s style
  • geraveli_the_donHe thought he was high. 50 made a mistake
  • prettyblakgurl72Damn, for all of you 50 “fans”…yall just uphold his bullshit and everything!
  • bigdawg40You make a mistake by laughing at a persons disability. FUCK 2 quarters.
  • durandrobertsonohio#Fuck50Cent
  • corddonteodmDamn 50 now this nigga might sue you and win! Think before you think you can just record video of strangers
  • phoenixhenleyCelebrities like 50 cent think they’re Gods gift to mankind, they think they can do whatever they want to whoever they want! As someone who grown up having disabilities all my life, I know it’s horrible being judged by people for no reason, for a cheap laugh or two. Shame on him! He owes that poor guy an apology to his face! Disgusting behaviour! I’m sure 50 cent would be mortified if this was his child that someone was making fun of!
  • boudreauxmichelleWho made 2 fn quarters a doctor just goes to show . just how IGNORENT he is stupid dumb azz that can’t sing!God don’t sleep!!
  • catalinadecaireTotal waste of human flesh. I will NEVER allow your shit to insult my ears. You’re not worth a plug nickel.
  • jbearr_xoSomeone complained to my boss the other day that I looked high and I had to be on drugs because I kept making long pauses between sentences my eyes were blood shot I wouldn’t make eye contact while I was going through a lease signing. But little did they know and my boss does that I’m going through a very hard time right now. My grandfather is battling 3 different cancers and the doctors had told us he will not pass through the night. People need to remember yes I’m at work, yes I’m in public, but I’m doing my very best to keep my composure to get through this day. We all are human and have social anxiety, disability, and just plain bad days. I hope this boy truely knows he is a better person than I could be for staying strong to not break during this type of abuse. I hope this finds its way to this young man and I want him to know we are the stronger ones at the end of the day .
  • tiffmustPrayers for this young man! I hate you had a run in with such an ignorant human. God bless you Andrew!
  • aeonvexwhen did he make fun of him? I didnt hear ‘ Hey u fucking retard nice face’ … he believed Andrew was high and found it funny he’d show up to work stoned… So he wasn’t high. Lets grab our pitchforks clearly 50 has a thing against this guy right? RIGHT? fucking stop with your narrative. it’s not the truth.
  • rusty_stone9Put yourself in his shoes@aeonvex what if he did this to you? What if you were the one with a social difficulty, at work, doing your job, contributing to society and someone just walked up, and said all of that to you? How would you feel and how would you want others to react? Say get over it? No! You need to realize that what he did was wrong. If you can honestly watch the video and see nothing wrong with the way he degraded Andrew, I feel sorry for you.
  • t_rentdoyle@aeonvex lol you’re an idiot I know the kid too ๐Ÿ˜‚
  • aeonvexI definitely wouldn’t threaten legal action. Over some harmless comments about how i appear to look high. I hear shit from people all the time at my work its part of having a job dealing with people you may not agree with. You cant start whining anytime someone does something you don’t like. 50cent broke no laws and frankly did nothing wrong. Going damn this generation is crazy and here’s some anecdotal evidence cuz this guy looks high as fuck… OMG I look high? IM SO UPSET!! IMA CALL MY LAWYER!!!
  • rusty_stone9It was harassment buddy boy @aeonvex you’re ignoring all of the huge facts that make it bad and pointing out the little ones that don’t make him sound like a jerk. Lol I’m done here. The video is out there with everything that happened. Goodbye
  • cum_bubblesMy brother is on the spectrum and we wanted to thank you for being a great person ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ
  • thebutterfly0804@_respekmyname, yea, he didn’t know the poor little guy, but for him to even be posting negative stuff like that shows the character of a person. I can only imagine who he is behind close doors. And truly you must not be a happy person if you got the nerve to be judging and blasting someone without knowing them. Just saying, if you want respect, give respect.
  • rusty_stone9@thebutterfly0804PREACH
  • _respekmyname@ashleycsloan@thebutterfly0804 Some people are taking it way out of control talking about race and shit. The point of 50 recording him was to show the young generation how they look using drugs. He didn’t know the guy had a disability. I would’ve thought the same thing too. And no it’s not right to just record someone like that. But you can tell that he cared afterwards finding out thay he had a disability because he instantly deleted the video.
  • ashleycsloan@_respekmyname he still hasn’t apologized though. Life is hard enough for people who struggle with social disabilities. He needs to put his tail between his legs and apologize. That’s the right thing to do.
  • _respekmyname@ashleycsloan How do you know? He could’ve apologized to his family. Just because it’s not publicized doesn’t mean he didn’t apologize.
  • ashleycsloanAnd this man wasn’t on drugs so comparing him to this generation on drugs… He was wrong and owes this man an apology. Plain and simple. Making fun of people with disabilities is unacceptable… And considering he publicly made fun of him all over social media, he owes a public apology. No excuses.
  • ashleycsloan@_respekmyname
  • rusty_stone9Orrrrrrrr he could’ve not been judgement and said nothing at all about the man doing his job that he’s very proud to have and this all woulda been avoided. @_respekmyname
  • thebutterfly0804@_respekmyname , well, I’m not one of those people, I’m pointing out the ignorance that a person with influence and power to use it in such a foul and negative manner. And let’s just say for a minute that he was addressing problems in our society, he went about it in the most ignorant way possible. Rather than talking shit about problems in our young generation today, how about we talk about SOLUTIONS instead of judging. Also, not trying to separating autistic kids/adults but the only reason this is such a big deal is because this society thinks that young adult has a form of autism and really can’t fend for himself, but the real issue is for 50 to even be putting such negative ignorant bs out there like that in the first place without proper facts, that doesn’t do any good for anyone, especially our generation and that kid in particular.
  • thebutterfly0804@_r0mz, he wasn’t snitching, @rusty_stone9 he was just pointing out the facts(truth) nothing wrong with that, which our generation needs more of since we lack a lot of truth and authenticity these days. Just sayin.๐Ÿต
  • ashleycsloan@rusty_stone9 exactly. Like come on. Common sense. Common decency. Shut up mind your business keep it moving. Don’t be a dick.
  • ashleycsloan@thebutterfly0804preach ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ
  • aztec_gypsy_I don’t personally know him but I’m glad you stood up for him and it’s getting out there, it’s unfair and fucked up, he lost a fan here too! Honestly he’s a fucking douche ๐Ÿ˜ก I have a brother with autism and another one who’s disabled…. And let me tell you if anyone did this to them I would be furious! Much love you to you andrewโค๏ธ don’t let heartless, cold bitter people let you down ! & keep ur head up! Much love from California โœŒ๐Ÿฝโค๏ธ
  • aztec_gypsy_@aztec_gypsy_
  • jojocrews50 was being a bully, whether he knew about this guys disability or not, you are a public figure and you decide to just walk up to people in the airport, film the and make jokes about them on your social media pages for your millions of followers to see. Totally uncool and anyone justifying his behavior is a complete asshole just like him. Just because you are a fan doesn’t mean you shut off your morality and empathy, and this was cruel and unnecessary just for a few laughs. 50 is the last one to make fun of anyone, he should be worried about his bankruptcy and being a hasbeen rapper instead of this young guy doing his job. @50cent
  • hippy3_327infDon’t let Bullies of the WORLD bring you down, there are always going to be people in this world who have negative attitudes and just aren’t good people, keep your head up and keep moving forward
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