BULLY: 50 Cent Records Himself Mocking Disabled Teen Janitor.

50 Cent has always found reasons to provoke people to anger and hate but this time he’s doing it differently.

The rapper posted a video on Instagram on Sunday in which he bullied an apparently disabled teen whom he also alleged of being high on drugs.


Curtis Jackson shared a video of an encounter he had with a teen janitor at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport over the weekend. The rapper was provoked when he tried to be friendly with the young man but was ignored. He then started filming the incident on his phone.

“The new generation is crazy,” 5o Cent said on the video as the young man was seen pushing a cart of cleaning supplies.

“What’s your name?” 50 asked the teen. “Look at him, what kind of s—t you think he took before he got to work today? He high as a motherf—ker right here in the airport. Pupils dilated, everything. … The new generation is f—king crazy.”

As fate would have it, someone on Instagram confirmed knowing who the teen in the video was – 19-year-old Andrew Farrell.

“I went to school with him,” wrote rusty_stone9. “He has extreme social difficulties just to let you know. He has a hard enough time getting through life without jackasses like you making fun of him. I hope you feel good about yourself. You just lost a huge fan.”

Farrell’s mother, Amanda Kramer, told the outlet her son has overcome numerous challenges, and despite suffering from severe social anxiety disorder, a form of autism, and a hearing impairment, he obtained the job on his own and shows up for work every day.

“Why would you attack my kid like that?” Kramer said. “It doesn’t say much about his character when he has to attack a kid he doesn’t even know.”

Kramer added, “Everything he said about him is not true. He gets up. He goes to work. He does his job. He goes home. He doesn’t bother anybody. … He doesn’t talk to people very often. He’s got a social anxiety disorder. He also has a hearing impairment.”

Farrell told the outlet he was “just starting work” and minding his own business when 50 Cent approached him.

“I want people to know that he’s a good kid. He doesn’t get in trouble. He’s not a drug addict,” said Amanda Kramer, who also requested an apology from the rapper.

50 Cent has deleted the video and has not commented on the incident.

Farrell and his parents know that despite Jackson deleting the video, it will live on. One upload of the video to YouTube had received more than 900,000 views Monday night. However, they note that most of the comments have been supportive of Farrell.

“It’s nice to know that there’s people that he went to school with that maybe he didn’t talk to, but that know his character,” Amanda Kramer said. “All this kind of bullying that people are doing on the Internet, whether you’re a celebrity or not, it’s got to stop. It hurts people, and it takes a long time to recover from those kinds of things.”

Now 50 is suffering a loss for his actions.

According to Cincinnati: “The Cincinnati store in which 50 Cent promoted Effen Vodka this past weekend has since pulled the brand from its shelves.

“Jungle Jim’s announced in a news release that it has removed all Effen Vodka products from its Fairfield and Eastgate stores, and also pulled the liquor from the bars of the Oscar Event Center and Paradise Pavilion. 50 Cent was at the Eastgate location for a bottle signing Saturday.

“50 Cent was in town in March to promote Effen Vodka at the Party Source as well. The Bellevue store announced on its Facebook page that it will no longer sell the vodka after seeing ‘such a deplorable and disgusting display.’

“Holy Grail, a well-known Cincinnati watering hole across the street from Great American Ball Park at 161 Joe Nuxhall Way, also joined the boycott.”

Farrell’s parents both said they’re very proud of their community for standing up for Farrell.

They also said they’re extremely proud of their son.

“It shows the man that he is, to walk away,” Ken Kramer said.

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