What makes Garment Steamer and Steam Mop worth buying for Cloud Software Developers

Cloud software provides millions of people around the world with an innovative, cheaper and time-saving medium for storing and retrieving applications and data online.

Cloud software developers work day and night—sometimes facing health risks from environmental hazards—to offer cost-effective public, private and cloud computing services which include, but not limited to writing software that are either accessed from web browsers or regular computer program. These workers consider customer satisfaction and continuous delivery of quality service as their driving force. And the ease of having remote or online access to computer programs or apps not installed on your device highlights the impact of software developers in our daily lives. For instance, smartphones cannot run Microsoft Applications but users can gain access through cloud-based software like Microsoft 365. These engineers cater for our ever-changing ICT needs by:

  • Constantly examining physical servers for repairs and maintenance services.
  • Finding solutions to anticipated failures for single-domain path PC software to avoid hitches that are capable of shutting down programs and apps. Auto-recovery capabilities enable data protection even when a computer device running the software malfunctions.

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), market demand for program architects will rise by 17% between 2014 – 2024, with salary estimated above $100,000 per annum. But engineers in the coveted profession describe their job as ‘stressful, highly demanding, and sometimes dirty.’ Yet, many smart software developers maintain high level of professionalism in their outfit—even home hygiene—because they know some hidden secrets beyond proficiency in programming language and java. Guess what. Their secrets lie in these two essential work tools: garment steamer and steam mop.

Garment steamers are purposely built to moist and de-wrinkle your clothing—including underwear. They come in different sizes and shapes, with unique accessories to suit your needs. They are suitable for home and commercial use, with powerful features such as:

  • Vertical support that serves like an ironing board to aid easy and fast removal of wrinkles thus saving a few dollars compared to bills incurred when you use an iron
  • Large, transparent and removable water tank that contains enough water to houses and wardrobes at a faster speed. This makes it easy to know when it’s time for a refill
  • Unique roll and press capability that holds your cloth in place and allows use of one hand
  • Tilt and roll feature which doesn’t only grip the cloth as desired but eliminates the inconvenience of lifting a hot tank of water.
  • Suitable for delicate laces, denim, heavy-duty drapes and a variety of fabric that melt or burn with an iron
  • Lasts about one hour in one use, providing users with a good length of time for their chores etc.

Similar to garment steamers, steam mops should be among your house-cleaning essentials because they lessen the burden of washing and disinfecting bare floors and stubborn stains. These home sanitizing tools are battery-powered and may feature cordless vacuums and water tanks. Steam mops offer best cleaning experience when used with detergents, pre-treat sprays and hot steam, which provides a high-impact scrubbing experience with steam mop pads.

You should not leave your home without garment steamers and steam mops when travelling. Busy cloud software developers should also see these as best choices considering the time saved when preparing clothes or cleaning the floor—some of the benefits that make a huge difference.

Buy your garment steamer and steam mops now!