What climate change activists did to the UK government

Police were nowhere around to stop the “madness” as climate change protesters launched bloody attack on the UK government building.

In seeming retaliatory act, climate activists sprayed 400 gallons of fake blood on the British government building to highlight the damage humans are causing to the world, Mail Online confirmed.

Out-of-commission fire engines were used by Extinction Rebellion activists to complete the blood-spraying task on the UK Treasury building. Having drenched a large portion of the area with red liquid, they displayed a banner reading “Stop funding climate death.”

Climate death.jpg

The tabloid added that climate change activists made an attempt to spray a message onto the UK government building but were unable to control the engine—a good reason for drenching the surrounding with blood-like liquid. No one tried to stop them.

About 30 police officers later arrived to guard the fire engine while observing the peaceful climate change protest.

“Stop funding climate,” the activists chanted. No casualties were recorded although four people were arrested and charged for criminal damage.

“We were lucky it was just a group of climate change protesters with fake blood, next time it could be ISIS or Al Qaida with a machine gun,” David T.C. Davies said.

“We need to make sure that government buildings are protected.”

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Phil Kingston, an 83-year-old farmer and former lecturer who recently glued himself to a train, was identified among the protesters.

In the past few years, climate change and extinction rebellion activists have successfully disrupted activities in London—with the hope of attracting attention to their cause. In April, UK protesters barricaded bridges and roads during a 10-day mass action organized to sensitize the public, particularly politicians, on the “climate emergency.”

The UK government is aiming to completely eliminate carbon emission by 2050 but climate change and extinction rebellion activists want the objective achieved by 2025.

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