We want no strip clubs in Conesus

Angry residents in Conesus have protested against a proposal to launch a strip club in their town.

Opponents have started a petition drive asking the town board to reject a zoning change to allow adult entertainment.

White Holdings LLC proposed an “adult-use zone” at Sliker Hill Road and Pucker Street.

The petition says the company wants to open a bar with topless servers and entertainment. Their goal is 200 signatures.

Right now, the petition has 156 supporters.

A Public Petition to the Town of Conesus Town Board, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Code Enforcement Office.


1)  A recent proposal by White Holdings, LLC for the establishment of a 4.6+/- acre “adult Use Zone” on the southwest corner of Sliker Hill road and Pucker Street,

2)The site plan by White Holdings, LLC showing the construction of a 3,200 square foot building and 28-space parking area for the purpose of constructing a bar with topless female servers and live adult entertainment within the proposed “Adult Use zone”, as provided to and discussed with the Town Planning Board at its meeting on January 19, 2017,

3) Apparent ambiguity in the Town zoning code concerning the requirements pertaining to the siting and approval of “Adult Use Zones” within the Town of Conesus, as evidenced by the discussion held at the Town Planning Board meeting on January 19, 2017, and

4) In light of item 3 above, the understood intent of the various Town Boards to consider actions that would amend the Town zoning code to clarify permissible areas for the siting of “Adult Use Zones”.

We, the undersigned residents of the Town of Conesus, do HEREBY EXPRESS OUR ADAMANT OPPOSITION TO THE ESTABLISHMENT OF AN “ADULT USE ZONE” ON PUCKER STREET AND SLIKER HILL ROAD, and petition the above-named Town boards and office to:

1)  Strictly apply to any existing or future decisions before them concerning the establishment of an “Adult Use Zone”, the fullest possible restrictions that exist in any applicable Town laws, codes, ordinances and requirements,

2) Require a full public hearing prior to making any decision concerning the establishment of an “Adult Use Zone” anywhere in the Town,

3) Require a full public hearing prior to making any changes to Town laws, codes, ordinances and requirements concerning Adult Uses within the Town, and

4) Provide to those whose E-mail addresses are provided on this petition, direct E-mail notification for any public hearings(s) to be held about the establishment of any “Adult Use Zone” anywhere in the Town, or any public hearing (s) about changes to laws concerning Adult Uses.

2 thoughts on “We want no strip clubs in Conesus

  1. This strikes me odd. Why put this kind of business so far out in the boonies amongst farmers? Seems a dead give away as a front for something else. This would be very bad for conesus and home values would plummet.