Wayne Rooney will miss the 2018 World Cup to save his dying marriage

Wayne Rooney has found a good reason to miss the 2018 World Cup in Russia and he will be doing so to revive his love for Coleen, who fueled divorce rumors earlier in September after ditching her wedding ring in anger and frustration.

Coleen was angry with the famous England international footballer for getting in a drunk-driving mess after a boozy night outing with Laura Simpson in Cheshire.

Laura Simpson (the girl in the middle of the Wayne Rooney drink driving incident) seen leaving her new job in Manchester, days after quitting her old job

Image: Laura Simpson via Daily Mail

The popular English footballer was caught drink-driving Laura’s VW Beetle, and a breathalyser revealed he scored 104 micrograms. The permitted limit stands at 35 per 100ml of breath.


Rooney was fined two weeks’ wages worth £320k with a possible £120k bill for using a chauffeur from his home to training. He was also ordered by court to observe a 12-month community order and 100 hours of community service.

He was found guilty of driving nearly three times over the allowed speed limit.

The record-breaking United striker later apologized to the public, Everton fans and coach Ronald Koeman for his offense.

A statement from the footballer’s representative read: ‘Rooney wishes to tender his genuine remorse for the terrible error of judgement that evening.

‘He did not only undermine his reputation but brought disgrace upon his family. He acknowledges he has also betrayed his supporters.’

The former Manchester United captain allegedly employed services from a chauffeur to take him on a 74-mile round rip from his £20million mansion to Everton’s Finch Farm training ground for about four times a week.

The exposed humiliating acts and subsequent charges sparked speculations that Coleen was heading for divorce after she appeared at public events without her wedding ring.


Rooney’s wife abandoned her £250,000 wedding jewelry with diamond-encrusted bands, as well as her engagement ring worth £200,000.

Friends to the Everton player feared his marriage was on the line when pictures of his passionate kiss with Laura surfaced on social media.

A source close to the family told The Sun, ‘That’s pretty bad. I see no way back for the duo. It’s not his first time of cheating on her…he has humiliated her again and there’s a limit to what anyone can take.

‘She stayed strong with him and absorbed much more than a wife could take.

‘Her decision to step out without a ring shows she is done…it’s a clear message to Rooney that he has stooped too low this time.’


Another tipster added, ‘…But Coleen is a strong and humble woman who won’t be as foolish as he has been. She will never try hooking up with other men or attempt cheating in revenge.

‘Despite his shortcomings, she knows he’s a great dad. She doesn’t treat marriage with kid gloves.’

Speaking on the heart-breaking incident which occurred while Coleen was in faraway Madrid, the other woman Laura said: ‘I conveyed my penitent apologies to her and she said, “You have nothing to say sorry for.”‘

She urged Rooney in a Facebook post to blame her for the cuddle, and admitted she shouldn’t have let the footballer drive her car. ‘…But Coleen can’t blame him for anything that happened that night because nothing did really transpire in the first place although we would have ended up s******g, no doubt.’

Laura’s sister Eden, 22, thrashed her for such an act, saying: ‘She’s a “f*****g disgrace…I’ll never speak to my sister again. The whole family is mortified by the news.’

All said, Rooney is planning to renew his vows to Coleen this summer when other world footballers should be fighting for the 2018 World Cup trophy in Russia. He said his plan is to hold a glitzy ceremony which would mark a turning point in their dying marriage.

Coleen, 31, believes her charming footballer husband has learned his lessons, and he hopes she will start wearing her wedding ring again. She is pregnant with his fourth child.

A source said, ‘He’s deeply sorry for the mistakes and the mum-of-three has totally forgiven him. She doesn’t bear grudges.’

Another confirmed the couple have had a very rough ride in recent months but fought hard to stay together as husband and wife.

‘To say they’ve not suffered terribly is an understatement,’ the source revealed. ‘…We’ve been told their wedding vows will be renewed next summer…maybe in the Barbados.’

Next summer will mark the couple’s 10-year anniversary.


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