Watermelon-Marijuana: Smart Mexican Smugglers busted by the U.S. Border Patrol

U.S. Border Patrol at the boundary with Mexico once again busted some smart drug pushers who carefully filled watermelons with marijuana.

The alleged drug traffickers were reportedly caught after a tractor they used for transporting their goods malfunctioned around the border area before police intercepted it for inspection.


A routine check by the customs recorded their “goods” as watermelons but not until an eagle-eyed cop probed further.

The border patrol officers at Tucson, Arizona border, conducted a random selection on the goods and used a high-tech scanner after suspecting the watermelons looked fake.



However, the scanner failed to identify the hidden drugs. But the suspicious cops had to dig a hole in one of the huge watermelons, and found the fruit was green.

Having made the mysterious discovery, police dogs were invited to take it further and the animals reacted violently.


A total of 128 watermelons with weeds weighing 1,300 pounds were seized.

Further investigations proved the watermelons were from Mexico’s largest drug cartel.


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