U.S. Hacker To Russia: Stop messing with the U.S. presidential election

An American hacker popularly known as  Jester, whose signature poster appears below, has issued a warning to Russians, ordering them to think again before messing around with U.S. election. The heroic American vigilante hacker made his threats REAL by hacking a website owned by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

His message was simple and direct: “Stop attacking Americans,” according to a report from CNN Money.

Reports confirm the website was coded to play a very loud and annoying sound – same as the one that plays before any American emergency broadcast or civil alert messages. After that intentionally loud sound, a message from Jester appears on the website’s homepage.

Though the message was seen last on Sunday, you can find a copy here for your reading pleasure.

Before proceeding to details of the letter from Jester to Russia, let’s add here that the hacker has no love for terrorists or enemies of the U.S.

He claims to have been frustrated over some distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks around U.S. last Friday.

Jester told CNN Money that the “overloaded significant internet sites in the U.S. led him to attack the Russian Ministry site”. He has also taken responsibility for destroying some jihadist websites and guess what, he’s not even proud of that.

Jester has faced many impersonators but we have confirmation that this is his public Twitter account. He also runs a blog.

The unknown U.S. hacker is believed to be a former U.S. soldier who worked in computer security, according to a report from CNN released in 2015.

In his words: “I realized something needed to be done about online radicalization and ‘grooming’ of wannabe jihadis, and we didn’t have mechanisms to deal with it.

“I decided to start disrupting them.”

Anonymous hacker

This Is A Copy Of Jester’s Letter To The Russians:


“We interrupt regular scheduled Russian Foreign Affairs Website programming to bring you the following important message.

“Firstly allow me to get the pleasantries out of the way. Nice to see you again Russia. Now see here, I wouldn’t want you to get all upset and throw your toys out of your stroller over this mild incursion, so think of this as a ‘professional courtesy’ or if you prefer message from ‘USA with love’. Or better yet, a message ‘from Russia with love’, because technically that’s what it is with this being your official Ministry of Foreign Affairs website…I digress…apologies.

“So here’s what’s on my mind: [Enjoy the rest of Jester’s letter below]…