Innocent man spends 17 Years in jail after a Cop raped and murdered his wife

A Chinese man named Ying Yung-sheng was wrongfully convicted of murder and jailed for 17 years until he was recently found innocent by a court of law. The real killer turned out to be a wicked policeman who knew how to rape, kill and plant criminal evidence against an innocent man.

Image shows Yi Yung-sheng before he was wrongfully sentenced to jail in 1996.

Image shows Yi Yung-shen after his return from prison confinement in 2013.

According to a local news website, the life-changing event occurred on 2 December 1996 when a young woman was found murdered in her home at Bengbu City. The deceased was a student-assistant to the wife of Han Ying, who was a mayor in East District.

20 days later, the late woman’s husband was arrested on charges of intentional homicide.

Prior to his arrest, 34-year-old Ying Yung-sheng was the city’s assistant mayor.

Ying faced a hasty trial at the Bengbu City People’s Procuratorate and was given a death penalty. The judgement was approved by Anhui’s Intermediate People’s Court which pronounced the suspect guilty as charged and sentenced him to life in prison.

His appeal was rejected by Anhui’s Provincial High Court which also upheld the ruling.

However, on 13 August, 2013, the Anhui Provincial High Court said it re-visited Ying’s case and found the criminal evidence which linked him to his wife’s murder was “vague and unsubstantial”. The suspect was therefore discharged and acquitted.

Bengbu City Public Security Bureau subsequently started another round of investigation on the murder case.

On 27 November 27, 2013, the rapist and murderer was identified as Wu Qin Yuan, a police officer who worked at the city’s Public Security Bureau, Traffic Police Department.

Investigations into the case uncovered that the police officer had raped his victim and killed her in order to cover the crime. He went further by planting evidence against the woman’s husband at the crime scene – their family house.

The Anhui Wuhu City Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Qi Yuan to death on 15 June 2015, and deprived him of all political rights.

On 15 January 2015, his appeal against the court ruling was also dismissed and authorities maintained he must face the death penalty.

The recent upturn on Ying’s initial jail term was a result of the the efforts from his father and brother who knew he was innocent of the crime. They family spent over ten years seeking justice.

According to the report, on 23 November 2013 Qin Yuan confessed to the 17-year-old crime.

The rapist said he was introduced to her victim by a close friend.

On that 2 December 1996, the traffic police waited until Ying (the victim’s husband) had gone to work so he visited her at home.

Qi Yuan admitted making love advances and was rejected by the married woman who had mistakenly let him in. He said “seeing the beautiful woman in pajamas got his “willy” out of control”. And knowing the woman was home alone, he pounced on her without second thoughts.

The rapist used a pillow to cover his victim’s face during the horrific attack, and tied up her hands. By the time he was done, there lay a lifeless woman who did him no wrong.

Qin Yuan cleaned up the crime case without leaving a trace by cutting off the woman’s head, disconnecting their landline telephone, and unlocking the home’s gas cylinder after which he lit up the house and ran away.

On January 5, 2015, Wuhu City Intermediate People’s Court under the jurisdiction of Anhui Province Supreme Court, conducted a public briefing on the trial, saying Yu Yung-sheng is entitled to compensations for his wrongful conviction.

The government blames the error on lack of high-tech scientific equipment that could have solved such mysteries 17 years ago.

Reviewed DNA tests and finger prints proved Ying was innocent of the crime. Their child who was 8-years-old at the time also confessed he and his wife never quarreled.

Semen from the deceased showed Qi Yuan was 99.9999% responsible. Sadly, the discovery was made 17 years later but “it’s better late than never”.

Justice delayed is justice denied. Ying Yung-sheng and his family requested for an estimated 1.5 million yuan as compensation but the court approved only 52,000 RMB, after he spent 17 years in prison.