Watch how this Drunk Russian was eaten alive by a pack of Stray Dogs

It’s never so wrong to socialize after a hard day’s job, take a few shots of tequila or whatever, and live the “good life” when one still draws breathe, but having to walk down a lonely path with a pack of hungry stray dogs lying in wait, proves a big risk.

That’s a hard lesson for everyone, especially this unfortunate Russian man who learnt on his way to the grave.

He was attacked and killed by a pack of blood-hungry dogs while staggering back to his home after having a swell time.

Do dogs get intoxicated by inhaling alcohol vapors? Beer geeks should know better. But a netizen thinks the deceased may have been a dog-meat lover for life.


The nerve-chilling incident was caught on CCTV. It took place in Sovetsky, a location in central Russia’s Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug region.

Reports confirm the man whose identity is yet to be released, was a security guard.

He has been kind to the stray dogs for a period of two years, always providing them with food whenever he had something to offer.

However, the puppy love turned sour when, on that fateful day, he had nothing to give except needing a safe path to his humble abode. But his friends, the pack, probably felt rejected because he had nothing for the greedy and unfaithful street kings.

In the dramatic footage, he was seen staggering with a bottle of beer in hand as the dogs circled around him.

He struggled to stand on his wobbling feet, tried walking confidently, but was disappointed. About twelve dogs pounced on him, knowing he wasn’t the same man they used to venerate.

The dogs jumped on the him as he repeatedly lost balance in the struggle which lasted about two minutes. It was really a brief fight to the death.

Drunk man eaten alive by pack of stray dogs

Although he managed to get up after each fall, the third time he tripped ended up being his last.

One of the evil dogs got a bite on him, then the rest followed tooth and claw.

The dog attack victim died within two minutes, media reports confirm.

His corpse was found the following morning, and police are investigating the murder.

However, it remains unknown if the pack of stray dogs will be prosecuted.