All Planes grounded at Stuttgart Airport due to imminent threats

All flights to and from Stuttgart Airport were suspended this morning as wildfire rages through cities in central Portugal, leading to over 60 deaths.

All flights suspended at Stuttgart Airport over suspected bomb threat

A bomb threat was avoided in the German city following the horrific loss of lives in neighboring Portugal.

Welt news outlet reported that three persons were arrested and interrogated by police after they were heard discussing “terrorism-related” matters.

Reports from German media corroborated the story, saying a plane at Stuttgart Airport was grounded at the airport this morning over fears of a possible bomb attack following an SOS from a passenger.

The grounded plane, a 180-seater airbus, was due to depart at noon on Sunday.


“During the routine departure checks, a passenger told us that another passenger had threatened a bombing operation on the aircraft,” a spokesman for the federal police confirmed.

“In view of the global political situation and the way in which the passenger met us, we had to take the threat seriously.”

Two passengers are said to have been arrested after a passenger claimed they overheard them threatening to bomb the plane (file photo)

The fears were compounded by an argument between three passengers who the crew considered as “threats” on the flight, another news outlet writes.

Although landings and takeoffs were halted for a few hours, normal operations have resumed at the airport.

Every passenger on the delayed flight to Varna, Bulgaria, was reportedly searched by police dogs after evacuation. Bomb disposal experts were also called to duty before take-off.

A Twitter post from one passenger named Chris Hawkins reads, ‘Whole place evacuated. Police & fire arriving from all directions. Hundreds of people all over area.’

The Daily Mail quoted a Manchester Airport spokesman as saying, ‘Due to an unattended bag being found in Terminal Two, a controlled evacuation is currently taking place, as is standard procedure.’