Watch Chinese Businessmen fight dirty in a Mall over manipulated Adidas Shoes purchase


A group of young Chinese businessmen were caught live on CCTV camera as they fought dirty in a mall over an alleged shady business deal with Adidas, a popular fashion brand in China.

The fight was for Kanye West and Adidas latest design nicknamed “Zebra.”

With the rapper’s ADIDAS YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 in limited offering, consumers say they’d give anything to lay hands on the product which they believe has made wearing boots in summer so easy.

Multiple affiliate Adidas marketers were tricked into buying massive stocks of limited edition sneakers, and the affected buyers didn’t take it lightly.

During the incident which occurred in Shanghai, China, a group of males were seen fighting in a pile of 80 shoe boxes.

 adidas Confirmed App been hacked in China maybe around world, two nerds got 80 pairs at one store in Shanghai and be beaten.

Two men were reportedly carrying 80 pairs of limited edition Adidas shoes which they bought using the hacked app when they were attacked near an escalator.

The police rushed to the site and escorted participants out of the mall.

Reports say the brand is working towards fixing the breach on its Confirmed sneaker reservation App which was believed to have suffered an attack.

The shoes hit U.S. retail stores on 25 February, and is sold at $220 for a pair.

Adidas is yet to comment on the matter.