Walnuts Can Reduce Ageing.

A health conference held in San Diego by researchers from the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and Loma Linda University this week says eating walnuts can help reduce the ageing process.

In the findings from a clinical testing which lasted 2 years, 707 healthy older adults were divided into two.

One of the groups consumed 15 percent of walnuts daily in their calories while the other group ate none.

Results obtained after 2 one year showed that the different groups had different results in their weight gain, triglycerides and cholesterol. Those who ate walnuts had noticeable reductions in cholesterol accumulation.

A Spanish researcher Dr. Emilio Ros summarized the experiment: “Acquiring the good fats and other nutrients from walnuts while keeping adiposity at bay and reducing blood cholesterol levels are important to overall nutritional well-being of ageing adults.

“It’s encouraging to see that eating walnuts may benefit this particular population.”

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