Future Aircraft Interiors Revealed.

These are the 2016 Crystal Cabin Awards for the best aircraft interior modules.

A rendering of the Airspace A330neo cabin

The revelation came at the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany for all innovations across eight different design categories.


The selected winners and designs are as follows:

Etihad Airways’ First-Class Suite on Boeing 787:

This is Etihad’s luxury suite designed for Dreamliner aircraft. It aims to offer a large space with lots of features and luxury.  It also has a custom leather seat that converts into a flat bed.

Etihad Airways' First Class suite

The suite comes fully-enclosed. It has high sliding doors for maximum privacy, a mini bar, personal closet and large table for two-person dining.

An aerial shot of Etihad Airways' First Class suite

London design firm Seymourpowell:

This company received a nomination for “First Spaces” design. It looks  ore like a hotel room and is designed to serve as single room or double rooms suite.

Passengers will be able to close their doors and make orders using tablets. There will be no direct contact between passengers and cabin crew on board.

A rendering of First Spaces by Seymourpowell

Headrest From Deft University, Netherlands:

This will assist in providing passengers with some comfort while they doze off during flights.

The HeadRest by Delft University of Technology

Another design Modulair from the university showed a removable set of airplane seats. The seats can be removed to create space if needed while on board.

The Modulair concept designed by Delft

Deft also got a nomination for FiO design which aimed at expanding the entry space by 25% from the standard width.

The FiO concept designed by Delft

Zodiac Aerospace’s Lifestyle Cabin:

In Zodiac’s architectural plan, there’s a completely new change from the standard design. The designs tends to give passengers a little more comfort and privacy for a perfect experience before take-offs

A rendering of Zodiac Aerospace's 'Lifestyle Cabin' concept

US company Thales in partnership with B/E Aerospace:

Nominated for the award with the biggest digital back seat with a 22” & 26” HD touchscreen. The screen produces images 5x larger in economy class and 6x larger in premium economy. The screen can also be used as a split display.

The largest seatback screen ever, proposed by Thales

Boeing’s Clean Cabin Lavatory:

Boeing's Clean Cabin Lavatory

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  1. Wait until 2020 and see what technology turns the world into. Then the years that follow will be better imagined. There’ll be benefits and consequences.