Britney Spears

Britney Spears: Yoga is life

Britney Spears believes yoga is fundamental to good health and should be in everyone's 2020 exercise plan. The 'Stronger' hitmaker took to Instagram on Thursday to post a video of her doing the spiritual strength exercise, including the downward dog pose, in a bikini in her garden, and said she was doing so to "open … Continue reading Britney Spears: Yoga is life

9 unhealthy beauty mistakes you should avoid

  Carefulness and self-control are part of the healthy living routines we need, especially for these common beauty mistakes we tend to ignore as “bad habits.” Skipping water while on cocktail: Red wine should be taken with caution, partly because it contains tannin and acid which make your teeth easier to stain, and for the … Continue reading 9 unhealthy beauty mistakes you should avoid

Why die young when you can live longer?

Life's good. No matter what problems we may be passing through in our lives, the fact that "a living dog is better than a dead lion," makes a reasonable case on why we should learn to appreciate the air we breath. We all love life and wish to live a bit longer. But why dream … Continue reading Why die young when you can live longer?

How You Can Live Forever

Wouldn't it be good if we all can live over 100 years or even forever? It's definitely possible though it seems the odds stack against everyone living in this modern age due to life-threatening health risks we have to face every day. Though it's not within our powers to decide how long we can live, … Continue reading How You Can Live Forever

Walnuts Can Reduce Ageing.

A health conference held in San Diego by researchers from the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and Loma Linda University this week says eating walnuts can help reduce the ageing process. In the findings from a clinical testing which lasted 2 years, 707 healthy older adults were divided into two. One of the groups consumed 15 … Continue reading Walnuts Can Reduce Ageing.