Vogue Williams: “I Fancy Irish Men But They Don’t Like Me.”

Vogue Williams has revealed a bitter secret with her statement that she has a “soft spot” for Irish men who, sadly, have never bothered to ask her out.

Could it be that Irish men have a different understanding of what ‘beauty’ means? Maybe not.

What if they’re looking for something innate?

Fears: Vogue Williams, 30, revealed her fear that if her ex-husband Brian McFadden, 36, moves on, his new girlfriend might not let the former flames hang out

Image shows Vogue Williams, 30, and ex-husband Brian McFadden, 36.

Although Vogue admits she’s being approached by a few British men at the moment, the blonde beauty and fitness fanatic insisted she’s too busy to date right now.

“I’m such a loser. I’m really busy, so I don’t really have any days off until September so I don’t go out,” she told the Herald.

“I haven’t been asked out by any Irish guys lately, only English guys.”

While British men are more confident, the Howth native insisted she has a “soft spot” for Irish men.

Flawless: She maintained her high-glamour status in the make-up stakes with perfectly contoured cheeks and lashings of eye-liner to highlight her hazel peepers

Image: Vogue Williams

“I went out with an Irish guy for six years and I was married to another for five, so I like Irish men,” she said.

“I have a soft spot for them.”

Vogue Williams (born 25 January 1986) is an Irish model, television and radio personality, best known for participating in Dancing with the Stars and Stepping Out and for winning the 2015 series of Bear Grylls: Mission Survive.

Image: Vogue Williams

In May 2011, she began dating former Westlife singer Brian McFadden.

Their engagement was announced on 12 January 2012 and they were married on 2 September 2012 in Florence, Italy.

In June 2015, they purchased their first home together in Dublin. On 7 July 2015, Williams and McFadden announced that they were separating after three years of marriage.

Vogue Williams and Brian McFadden remain good friends despite divorcing last July after three years of marriage. But Vogue Williams has revealed her fear that if Brian McFadden finds love again, his new girlfriend might not let the former flames hang out, DailyMail reported.

Hollywood glamour: Vogue chose to style her golden locks in an elegant, yet understated low chignon and left only a few tresses to frame her face with lady-like waves

Image shows Vogue Williams putting up a leggy display.

Speaking to ITV’s Loose Women on April 18, the 30-year-old model confessed: ‘I’m scared that when he moves on his new girlfriend won’t let me be his friend anymore.’

She continued: ‘It is weird that we are such good friends, but we’ve have had absolute killings with each other. 

‘We didn’t just go from partners to friends. What helps is that we both haven’t moved on from it yet.’

Candid: The Irish model confessed: 'I'm scared that when he moves on his new girlfriend won't let me be his friend anymore'

Image shows Vogue Williams speaking with hosts at the ITV Loose Women Talkshow.

‘I would never say never, but no not right now. We’re good at being friends, but not so good at being a couple,’ she said.