Video of MJ and pretty African lady goes viral

Twitter is relishing a video in which legendary American singer and dancer Michael Jackson shakes his leg with a Sri Lankan dancer performing India’s classical form, known as Odissi.

Tweeples are going gaga over a video of Sri Lankan dancer Yamuna Sangarasivam, who performed the classical Indian dance Odissi with the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson in the song “Black or White” – a call to celebrate multiple cultures and confront racism.

The old video which has garnered over 1.4K views is now going viral, leaving social media in awe of the fusion.

Nuanced and coordinated dance movements of both the artists to a western song is a sight to behold. Sangarasivam was fully dressed in classical dance attire and performing the song with grace.

The video was shared on Wednesday on the occasion of ‘Utakala Dibas’ foundation day of Odisha – the state from where the dance form Odissi originated. It is the oldest of the eight classical dances of India and is performed for the famous Hindu deity in the State – Jagannath.