Vacation-for-Charity: Lindsay Lohan visits Syrian Refugee Camp in Turkey

Lindsay Lohan is currently in Turkey for a charity project with Syrian refugees. 

Image shows Lindsay Lohan during her visit to the Syrian refugee camp in Turkey.

According to a weekend report from The Anadolu Agency, the U.S. actress toured the social facilities and preschool in Nizip before giving refugee children there presents. She also visited an art and handicrafts workshop where she talked with the female students.

Turkey’s state-run news agency confirms the famous actress visited a government-run refugee camp near Turkey’s border with Syria. She was particularly overwhelmed with the presence of kids and children at the camp.

Lindsay has spent over one week in Turkey for vacation.

Around 5,000 Syrian refugees live in container homes in the camp, which was visited by British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in September and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in April.

Anadolu Agency said Friday that Lohan had visited a book fair in Istanbul`s Sultanbeyli district where she bought books for the refugee children.

The actress has been visiting refugee families and facilities around Turkey for the past two weeks.