“Use me as your houseboy, slave, and treat me as you like. I will wash your panties, too,” man begs his crush

A curvaceous Nigerian girl named Jessica Nwachukwa has exposed an obsessed man she claims has been harassing her with flirtatious Facebook messages.

Image: Jessica Nwachukwa

The social media queen says Mr. Smart Ochuka has lusted after her for a very long time though she never replied any of his private messages.

Unfortunately for Jessica, her first attempt at knowing the man’s identity caused a chain reaction.

Mr. Smart was thrown into a crazed frenzy when the girl with a bidi bidi bum bum asked to know who he is. In that wild excitement, he appreciated the light-skinned lady and willingly offered to be her houseboy.

The young man volunteered to wash Jessica’s undies and do whatever she asks, if accepted to be a friend.

“I’serious please,” he wrote.

“I’m 100% submissive to a dominant woman.

“I just want a woman who will punish and flog me like a school kid.”

Regrettably, the charming princess wanted none of those acts and ignored his messages.

The neglect from Jessica failed to discourage Mr. Smart, who begged to be connected to any of her friends who might be interested in his services.

Mr. Smart has stayed away from social media since his private chat with Jessica went viral.

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