Dangerous S*x: Prostitute hospitalized after serving client on a glass table

A loyal prostitute who submitted to her client on a glass table is now reliving the wild and dangerous experience in pains.

Medics were called in for emergency services after the coffee table broke and she suffered deep cuts.

The tourist who solicited for sex from this wounded lady told police they were having it “doggy in the rough way” when that godforsaken table disappointed them. Her arms got sliced after she fell through it.

Rescue workers who arrived for help at the motel took pictures and later posted them on line to sensitize others who may want it that way.

Of course, nobody will have to tell you why – not after reading this.

This life-threatening incident occurred in Bangkok, Thai’s capital city.

According to a report from The Sun, Thuanthong Nattapol [a volunteer paramedic] who released the graphic images warned people to be careful with some sex positions.

“The police and ambulance came and found a lot of blood and the girl was crying,” Nattapol said.

“Some of the police found it very funny and people were taking pictures.

“The man and the woman had booked the motel for two or three hours.

“They had been trying a position like doggy style or some other similar dangerous technique that involved the glass coffee table.

“The glass broke and the woman was cut quite badly and screaming. The man had no other option but to call the ambulance and the police.

“He was quite embarrassed but had to stay until everything was sorted out. He had to send a few messages [to his wife] to explain why he was running late.”

The young girl is said to be recovering after this traumatic experience.

Do you think this incident is enough to change a prostitute?

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