Usain Bolt Getting Married?

Known by many names–unbeatable, unstoppable, and unmatchable–Usain Bolt could be anything “best” but not unmarriageable. The world’s fastest runner that ever lived, may be sending out wedding invitations soon. It won’t be a surprise anyway, because you’ve heard it from us. 

Competition: No one was even close to Bolt when he crossed the line, after sailing past his competitors to capture the gold

Usain Bolt disappeared into thin air as he powered on to gold, looking behind his shoulders as others followed.

Legendary Usain has achieved whatever there is at the age of 30, and the bullet-fast Jamaican is bidding farewell to fans as this could be his last Olympic games competition.

The Olympic icon played a part in his countries win against Japan and the United States on Friday. He was the game-changer in their 4×1000 relay race, crossing the line in 37.27 as is expected of a world’s best.

“There you go,” he said. “I am the greatest.”

“I am just relieved. It’s happened. I am just happy, proud of myself. It’s come true.

“The pressure is real. I look at it as an accomplishment,” the world’s best sprinter added.

I guess even his worst critics will find no reasons not to bow to the king whose “First Lady” was right behind to pat him on the back after breaking all records and setting some more for generations to come.

Rumors are rife that the Jamaican may be settling down after the Olympics.

He revealed in January that he’s not searching, adding that he’s in a steady relationship. Now the girl is in the spotlight, and the time is just right for both to walk down the aisle. Even his mother is asking, “why not”?

United: Judging by her social media pages, Miss Bennett never doubted her boyfriend's ability to make history in Rio

Isn’t she beautiful? All hail the king and his queen Kasi Bennett!

Usain isn’t the type that shows off women like other superstars because he has a rare gem, the kind of beauty that would make models slip on the runway. She’s called Kasi Bennett.

The amazing fashionista is said to have dated Usian for over two years.

Excited and proud after breaking Olympic records, the 30-year-old described his lady as a ‘special person’ in his life, adding that “maintaining a low-key relationship is a priority for him”.

The two were spotted smooching in public during a parade in New Kingston in April and he recently referred to the couple as ‘President and First Lady’ in an Instagram post.

Kasi has been in Rio with her man, supporting and cheering the sprinter to sensational victories.

“I’ll stay up late tonight,” Bolt said when asked how he’d celebrate. You don’t celebrate victory in bed, of course, bro.

Winner: Sprinter Usain Bolt decimated the competition to claim his eighth gold medal, in last night's 200m final, before diving into the crowd to snap some selfies with his adoring fans 

Meanwhile, Bolt’s mother Jennifer isn’t taking chances on her boy. She says her priority right after the Olympics is to make sure he settles down, adding that she wants him to give her some grandchildren.

‘I would hope he’ll settle down, get married and start his family,’ she told CNN this week.

‘I know he’ll settle down because he has said it. He told me many times that he’s going to start his family.’ 

Bet he will do as he promised, ma’am. Bolt, who turns 30 on Sunday, has confirmed that this will be his last Olympics.

‘I keep telling these young ones, I will never let you guys beat me, never, it is not going to happen,’ he said.

‘I am getting older and I am slowing down so I need to get out of the sport.’ 

We will be waiting for the INVITATION.