‘Losing Two Champions League Finals Will Haunt Me Forever,’ Diego Simeone.

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone reveals he never wanted to leave the club after losing the Champions League trophy to rivals Real Madrid a second time, but admits he said he would “need time to think” amid the pain and sorrow, knowing the losses will haunt him wherever he goes.

Image: Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid coach).

After the May 28 CL finals in Munich, Cholo appeared to question his future at Vicente Calderon. The loss was its second in a span of three years.

The Argentina international has reveals what his thoughts were, saying in an interview that it wouldn’t have been that easy to walk out on Los Colchoneros.

“I never said I was leaving. I said I needed to think, and that can be a lot of situations. For example, the energy with which I have to present myself in front of the same lads who for four-and-a-half years have their lives for me. I have to drive them to demand the maximum to compete again after losing two finals. That’s not easy,” he told Espacio Reservado, AS reports.

“People are afraid to use the word ‘failure’ but it is synonymous with not achieving your goal. Possibly, it’s a strong word, but that’s the reality of what I felt. Reaching a final for the second time, with the effort of a lot of people and a lot of work and losing for the second time was a very hard blow.

“When you say it’s water under the bridge, it’s a lie. That hasn’t happened to me. Losing those two finals will be with me for life. No other final will compensate for those two defeats. When I said I had to think I was referring to how to deal with continuing at Atletico. I couldn’t have left peacefully.”